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Fall...AFM Time  by Mark Terry
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My Middle Toe Is Longer Than Yours

Fall...AFM Time

Fall for me always begins October 6th. On October 6th, 1950, my father Jim Terry was born. My dad owns a musical insturment store in Palm Harbor, Florida called Jim Terry Music. Twenty-Eight Years later on October 6th, 1978 I was born. The exact same day as my dad! This year I turn 28 which is the exact age he was when he had me. Happy Birthday Dad.

Football season is in full swing in Fall. However, its still very weird to me to wake up at 10AM to watch the NFL. It's even more weird to be out in Vegas during football season. Usually I would be sitting with my brother and parents with a chicken wing in my hand at 12:30 in the afternoon. In Vegas I am usually running around downtown at 9am trying to find the best line. Two different worlds, but both make me feel like it's Fall.

Every Crazed Fanboy I know loves Halloween. Another great perk of the Fall Season. I have been hearing a lot of my buddies from Orlando and Tampa are attending this year's ScreamFest. Lots of guys go out there to be actors and actresses or sometimes even try to cast someone for an upcoming production. It's a smart way to do it.

The day after Halloween a very important market takes place in Santa Monica, CA. That Market is the American Film Market from November 1st-8th.

I am not here to slam anyone's goals as a filmmaker. If you are making money doing wedding videos more power to you. If you are making films for artistic statements, fantastic. If you are making films that are studio level productions that's great as well. The latter I don't know a whole lot of people who can claim that, but that's O.K. too.

Realistically, as an independent filmmaker, the majority of producers will tell you their goal is to have their film be a success in the home video market. By that I mean having your movie with a distribution company that will put it in major retailers (Suncoast, Best Buy, Borders, etc...) or major rentailers (Hollywood Video, Blockbuster, NetFlixs etc...) domestically. This does not even count other areas of the market like VOD, Cable, Pay Cable, PPV and so on. As a producer, one of my biggest goals is to tell a story to the largest audience possible. The domestic home video market helps me get to people in places I normally wouldn't have the power to do.

When I was in Florida I knew that I could make the movie and in most cases it would not cost that much to produce. One thing I never understood was what to do with the film when it was compeleted. Once I knew what to do with the film when it was completed, the next step was understanding how to make a film that's still good but performs well as a product. This is an on going learning process for me.

The American Film Market helps with that. Everyone has a good story to tell. I am a firm believer that all of us from the Crazedfanboy site could pack up in a van, drive down Dale Mabry, and find a guy walking down the street that can tell us a great story that could be a movie. So what's the difference between him or someone who understands the market? Not much, except a person who understands the market and how it works has percentages on his side when it comes time to sell that movie.

That brings me to my next point. It was a hard pill to swallow when I fully understood that it is a buyer's market. I will repeat that. It's a buyer's market. The output of movies today is bigger than it has ever been. This is something I have written about before. Since Digital Video has been invented and home-based editing equipment has come down in price, anyone can put together a movie. This craze has even driven down the price of film and made the film companies stay on their toes to keep creating better stocks. It's great that everyone is making movies, but if a distributor has more choices it could hurt your chances some.

In the upcoming weeks I am going to write more about AFM and pass stuff along that I have been learning. I want to post what is called "The Going Rate" on the site this year. It's put out by AFM during the market every year. The going rate explains a per average sale margin for different countries/terrorities around the world. Countries like Japan obviously have a higher going rate than a small European country. Something interesting to take a look at.

Stay tuned -- more to come.

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