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The Tampa Film Review for October  by Nolan B. Canova
The Halloween Horror Picture Show 2006  by Nolan B. Canova
Monster Mish-Mash! ScreamFest 2006  by ED Tucker
"Flags of our Fathers"  by Mike Smith
Things Are Changing In Tampa!  by Mark Terry
Attention Movie-Going People!  by Drew Reiber
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My Middle Toe Is Longer Than Yours

Things Are Changing in Tampa!

When I started getting into the local film community in Tampa in the late '90s the landscape of filmmaking and filmmakers was different than it is today.

Back in the late '90s everyone was grabbing their Canon XL-1 or anything they could get their hands on to shoot a short or feature. No one knew who anyone else was at the time or at least I didn't. There were a lot of little groups scattered through out the Bay Area. Many local indie production companies were like little cliques or fraternities getting stuff done in their own ways. Very seldom did people help each other.

When the TamBay Film Festival opened for its first year I can remember thinking, "God I would love to have a film play there." At the time I felt that if you could have a film screen at the Tampa Theater it would be like having a screening at the Mann's Chinese Theater.

The only group or club in town for film makers at the time was the Florida Motion Picture of Television and Arts. (FMPTA) The knock on them from a lot of people is they were a group of people who weren't working or couldn't get anything done. I for one never felt that way.

As everyone matured over the past 7 years and got to know one another things have changed locally.

Today it seems like more and more people locally are giving film a chance. Lots of filmmakers are shooting on high-def now. If someone came up to you today and said they were shooting a 100k feature on a Canon XL-1, wouldn't that sound crazy? A few years ago that wasn't the case.

Many of the little clique production companies have seemed to disappear. Many guys with in these cliques have fallen into their own niche in the industry as either an editor, director, producer, or event planner.

TamBay Film Festival has been gone now for a few years. However, thanks to film festivals like the Independents Film Festival a person can actually have their film screen at the Tampa Theater.

From time to time Nolan catches flack for his website. People will always complain or argue. That includes me. On a super positive note this website has created a bridge for filmmakers to keep in touch and network. Also, the transformation of the Coffee House Film Reviews to the Tampa Film Reviews have been great for local film makers to show their work. In addition, the formation of the Tampa Film Network has brought filmmakers together for a higher purpose. Just recently several different film makers came together to work on "The Quiet Place" which was shot down in Ybor City.

Remember the knock that was said by other people earlier about the FMPTA? That doesn't exist anymore either. Recently, the FMPTA completed their 3rd short film called "The Survivors Club" (directed by Jerry Alan). The film will be coming to a local screen near you soon.

Let's not forget that there will always be the local trash-talkers. People who talk a big game but never come out with anything. That will always exist and even did 10 years ago. Once in a while there will be a Neil McCurry type that will come in locally and proclaim to be the new Messiah of the local film community. Nolan and I have seen this a few times. You will even run into road blocks like do-nothing film commissioners and locals who think you are a pipe-dreamer. It's no question part of the game. One thing I have learned from my time in the Tampa Film Community is something that has never changed. People like the Guzzos, the Chris Woods of the world and my buddy Shelby McIntyre know this rule. No matter what changes or stays the same it's up to you and only you to make your project the best it can be!

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