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    PCR #352  (Vol. 7, No. 51)  This edition is for the week of December 18--24, 2006.

Harry and the Haunted Packing Plant....Merry Christmas and Happy New Year From PCR and La Floridiana  by Will Moriaty
"Rocky Balboa"  by Mike Smith
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A Prophetic Rocky Balboa Article  by Mark Terry
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My Middle Toe Is Longer Than Yours

A Prophetic Rocky Balboa Article

Please before reading my article, check out the article I wrote last year on Rocky Balboa.

Everything in that article came true and more. This was another shining moment for Sylvester Stallone.

Stallone's career and especially in these Rocky films have been autobiographical in some ways. His philosophies are a way to live by for those people who look at the positive side of things. The doers of the world.

A year ago we were all hearing the jokes. The haters of the world were already making fun of this movie before a frame even got shot. They could've written their reviews last year. If you walk into this film as a true fan of the series and thinking the glass is half full you will with out question have a unreal time. In my case, I literally had a tear in my eye because I felt so attached to the series, characters, and this film in particular after all this time.

However, for haters and non-fans, I can understand there is a lot that could be made fun of in this movie. The people who would make fun are the people who look at the glass half empty or really know nothing about the series or what it stand for. Those glass half empty people are usually the ones wishing they were happy.

This whole series has been about heart. That is what catapulted Sylvester Stallone to super stardom and arguably making him the biggest star in the world during his heyday. To be quite honest he deserves it.

It has been a very very long time since I have seen a reaction like I saw in the theater I was at tonight. I am pretty sure it's happening all over America. The true underdog story and master of the underdog story hard at work. The people in the theater I was at were literally as vocal as a real boxing crowd. It made me think of our many discussion on this homepage's message board on how to captivate the audience. The number one rule in entertainment is to be interesting. The main objective with entertainment is to evoke a reaction. No question Sylverster Stallone is a master.

God I am so pumped that I had a chance to see the final round of this great series in person! This type of films and film makers like Sylverster Stallone are the reason I got into making movies. Thank you, Sylvester Stallone, you are a real world's champion.

It has been a great year writing "My Middle Toe is Longer Than Yours" here on Crazedfanboy.com. I think it's a great time to put an end to the column. Over the past year I wanted to do my best to share any knowledge I could with anyone who was listening. If I helped one person with one bit of info then I am happy. As of the past month or so I have become very involved with the feature I am producing "Live Evil" (www.liveevilthemovie.com)

With Nolan's permission I would like to make "Middle Toe" a guest article from time to time but I can no longer commit to writing full time as I am becoming involved in the entertainment industry at a more excelled rate as time flies by.

There have been a lot of questions directed towards me with people exclaiming that I feel I am on par with a super high level of studio films. An example might be Transformers or even this Rocky film. There is no question I am not equal to these entertainers, but I am involved even if it's this slightest bit which only living out here in Los Angeles has given me that opportunity. Like my acting teacher, Jack Amos, always said, "Live your dreams." I am doing that and it makes me happy.

I would like to finish off the year and my article by saying thank you for reading. I do want to leave a bit of advice to everyone out there and maybe even myself. It's great that Nolan keeps these articles archived, because I may even look at my own words in a year from now like I am doing with the Rocky article.

No matter what you do, always do your best. If you think all you can afford is video, but want a film-look, try to over-achieve to get that film. You can make it happen. Don't settle for second best or second rate. If you have a 100k budget today try for a 1 million dollar budget tomorrow. Surround yourself with the most talented and ambitious people you can find. You can do anything you put your mind and HEART into. But above all else, and never forget this last statement, MY MIDDLE TOE IS LONGER THAN YOURS.

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