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PCR #302. (Vol. 7, No. 1) This edition is for the week of January 1--8, 2006.
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Book Review: Sunshine Skies: Historic Commuter Airlines of Florida and Georgia....PhyMed Partners, Inc.: From the Criminal to the Civil áby William Moriaty
"The Producers" áby Mike Smith
Is Tampa's Film Community Obsessed with B-Movies? áby Mark Terry
A Shot In The Dark áby Mike "Deadguy" Scott
2005 ľ A Year to Forget?...Looking Ahead....Can't Believe What We Read? áBrandon Jones
Bush Is Great!!!...King Kong DVD....The Return of Dick Clark....Masters of Horror Update áby Matt Drinnenberg
Happy New Year....Passing On....Miscommunication....Kansas City Film Critics Circle Awards....My Favorite Films--Chapter 1: The Buddy Holly Story áby Mike Smith
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I'm sure this caused more than a couple of heartbeats to skip that I could say something seemingly so perverted of reality and manifest in falsehood. Especially since I consider him nothing short of a runny nose with snot and boogers, looking for the cleanest copy of the Constitution to wipe it on. But I'm not talking about W.

Reggie Bush is a running back for the USC Trojans who face off against Texas for the National Championship wednesday night. And because of Bush USC is more than likely to walk away with yet another title. Texas is no slouch, but this dude is the best thing I've seen carrying the ball since....

Well, he's the best I've ever seen. Period.

The Houston Texans get first shot at him in April's draft as they had the worst record in the season that just end, and I would be SHOCKED if this stud wasnt taken No.1 overall.

And it is because of him that I'm picking USC over Texas.

Finally, after years of waiting, I finally own a copy of King Kong on DVD. And it was well worth the wait.

Having covered this package of dvds a couple times already (search CF for "King Kong"), I'll cut to the chase and say that it was completely as advertised. Jam-packed full of all kinds of goodies including a re-enactment (FX style) of the now famous and long lost Spider Pit sequence, which was undertaken by Peter Jackson himself. As for the transfer of the movie to DVD.....

I just could not be happier. The search undertaken to come up with these pristine prints from which the DVD comes from was a mega success. The thing looks like it was shot yesterday as far as I'm concerned. And Kong himself never looked better.

If you love this movie as I do you shouldnt hesitate to pick this up. Well worth the dollar. And Best Buy has the Special Edition Tin with Son of Kong and Mighty Joe Young as a special BB only item. Naturally that's the one I have. And beleive me, you will not be disappointed.

I can't tell you how great it was to see Dick Clark once again atop the New Year's Rockin' Eve world. As Nolan mentions his speach was quite slurred, but I don't think I missed anything he said. At least I had no "Huh"s? or "Wha...."s?.

Just the fact he was able to do what he was, considering the debilitating stroke he suffered, is simply amazing to my mind. You gotta give the guy credit for being a real fighter. He's always been a big fan favorite of mine from the Bandstand days, and his desire was a great thing to witness.

God love him.

A la one Mr. Nolan B. Canova I have decided to update the homepage for own website, Masters of Horror.

Along with a new graphic for page 1 is a new Cover of the Month, updated lobby cards and posters for Dracula (ironically in the Posters and Lobby Cards section of the site, and the eagerly anticipated (by at least 3 people) 2006 Classic Monster Calender.

And it's all FREE!!! Can you stand it?!

Scurry over to MOH and check it out.

God Bless,

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