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PCR #306. (Vol. 7, No. 5) This edition is for the week of January 30--February 5, 2006.
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I see in the message board that Brandon refers to Wal-Mart as the greatest capitalist story in the history of our country. I would say that honor would have to go to those people in Washington who prefer pants with gappy pockets over straight pocketed pants that keep their eyes on their jobs, protecting us, and not what they do for a living now; increasing their bankroll.

Most of us understand Wal Mart's incredibly bad track record when it comes to breaking the law due to screwing Americans over. Sadly they're not the first company to screw American workers over. It happens all the time. Heck, it happened to me personally, and not in a retail environment like the big WM!!!

I don't believe, however, you can fault Wal-Mart for parameters they should be allowed to set regarding goods they sell. And if that includes  altering or censoring cd's or dvd's, and it's savvy with the releasing company of said cd's and dvd's, then I see no foul. Besides, it is their right to request such a thing, given it's in their stores.

Personally, I have sworn off Wal Mart and will never shop there again. They have shown they do not deserve my support. So I'm asking everyone to not shop there and let them go out of business to get even. That way, the only people who get screwed are the very same workers who were screwed by Wal Mart because they are the ones out of a job. Because before the doors close, the fat cats will just get fatter by again screwing over everyone but themselves. (remember Enron?)

It's just a viscious cycle of the capitalist machine in a world where right and wrong is not black and white but gray, and there are no absolutes, and making yourself rich by screwing someone else is considered 'smart'. Which is why we now have so many scumbags hosing the rest of us; like Enron, and Wal Mart, and countless others.

Of course, this is merely my opinion, and I'm sure others differ.

Here's a reminder to get over to the Rondo Award website and cast your vote!

Voting has topped the 500 ballot mark as of last week, and the anxiety has begun. LOL. Be sure to have your voice heard, because unlike in Florida, EVERY VOTE IS COUNTED!!!


The heading above has been proven not only repeatedly, but yet again with a replay of him saying we would never go outside the courts to search and spy on someone. Because, according to him, that would be illegal.

Okay, so how is circumventing the law and going outside the courts to search and spy on someone not illegal now?

Well, the answer is that it is STILL illegal. He and his lying brethren of scum just don't give a damn about truth, justice, and the American way. They only give a damn about themselves, and feeding their lusts and greed for power and money.

Ya know...there's a word. SCUMBAG. Yeah. That's it.

Yet again, updates are happening at Masters of Horror. Jump on over and check out the poster page, as well as stills added to Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein.

Till next time, take care and God bless,

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