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Are Fidel Castro's Days Numbered?  by Nolan B. Canova
"Fahrenheit 9/11", Revisited  by Nolan B. Canova
"Talladega Nights"  by Mike Smith
Is It Worth It?  by Mark Terry
I'm Back...."Superman Returns"....Oprah Runs The GOP....PJ "King Kong" Director's Cut  by Matt Drinnenberg
Wacky Mel....Movie Notes....The Countdown Begins....Never Heard of Him....My Favorite Films, Part 31: "The Deep"  by Mike Smith
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Greetings, everyone. Sorry for the abrupt departure some time ago, but things have been quite hectic for the Mattster and really haven't slowed down. I have noticed that things must be going about the same way for most of PCR's writers, as there has been a recent decline in submissions. Surely they are all as regretful as I've been not being able to submit.

Yeah, yeah, I know all the debate. Some love it. Some hate it. And for various reasons that all seem to culminate in unoriginality. In truth, it must be confessed that when I was sitting in the theater watching it unfold, I immediately began to pick at it because of their very decision to copy the Salkinds. Thinking on it now I'm sure this is in no small part to my utter disgust of the Batman series demise (thanks Mr. Clooney), and overwhelming joy at its victorious resurrection (thank you Chris Nolan). Because of this, my hope was to have a fresh view of Clark and Co. As all know who have seen it, that was not to be had.


Somewhere between my disappointment and the first third of the movie I realized I was really having a lot of fun. And hey, that can turn the tables on any amount of preconceived notions, opinions or feelings. Even when they are legitimate.

It was refreshing to see the villains more real to life in their hostile abuse of their victims. And I beleive it was Nolan who mentioned being glad their was no "Otis" characterization or facsimile thereof; and I share that appreciation. Altho I loved Ned Beatty in the original, having someone like that here would have killed the more earthy tone of the bad guys.

By the time the credits started to roll I was sorry to see it end. Not sure if I would put it up there with Batman Begins (which completely blew me away-again; thanks chris nolan) or even Spiderman, but that has more to do with the copycat mentality of the film than anything else.

Thanks go out to Oprah Winfrey, for doing in one afternoon what an entire nation of citizens weren't able to do for several years: get Congress to raise the minimum wage.

We all know how difficult it is to get anything passed in Congress, don't we? Unless it's money for their buddies or themselves, that seems to be the cure-all for all of their discontent. And as I hope most of you know, the Congress has wiped its collective GOP ass with the prospect of helping lower and middle-class America, instead giving themselves raises, which they desperately need in order to supplement the bribes they accept by the bribers on hand (lobbyists)! Good for them.

So good ol' Oprah has had enough stupidity, and called these bozos (no offense, Bozo) out to the carpet for their greed, arrogance, and ambivalence to American citizens (you and me). Yes, Oprah told the TRUTH. And as any citizen paying attention the last 6 years can tell you, the GOP doesn't understand the concept of truth and is therefore afraid of it. This propelled the lying deceivers into safe mode, where they actually feel they have to do something good for us. Not because they care, but because they've been shown to be the scum of the earth they really are.

Comging November '06 will be Peter Jackson's King Kong Extended Edition. After Lord of the Rings, if you didn't know this was coming, you're not paying attention to how this dude does things. And THAT is the sole reason I have held off getting the Special Edition, knowing full well this was going to happen.

Packed with extras and an addition 18 minutes of bugs, monsters, and victims, this extended edition will also be available with a King Kong figurine (see photo). $34.98 without/$79.98 with. While I didn't consider this to be the best movie of the year, or even fanboy movie, I did enjoy it immensely and am really looking forward to this extended version.

DVD details are listed below:
Disc One
o Commentary with Director Peter Jackson & Producer Phillipa
Boyens (Part One)
o 16 Deleted Scenes
Disc Two
o Commentary with Director Peter Jackson & Producer Phillipa Boyens (Part Two)
o The Eighth Blunder of the World Featurette
o The Present Featurette
o A Night in Vaudeville Featurette
o King Kong Homage
o Weta Collectables
o Multiple Trailers
Disc Three
o The King Kong Archives
o Introduction by director Peter Jackson
o The Origins of King Kong Documentary
o Pre-Production Part 1: The Return of Kong
o Pre-Production Part 2: Countdown to Filming
o The Venture Journey Featurette
o Return to Skull Island Featurette
o New York, New Zealand Featurette
o Bringing Kong to Life Part 1: Design and Research
o Bringing Kong to Life Part 2: Performance and Animation
o The 1996 King Kong Video Gallery
o The Venture Video Gallery
o Skull Island Video Gallery
o New York Video Gallery
o Kong Video Gallery
o Arrival at Skull Island Pre-Viz Animatic
o Bronto Stampede Pre-Viz Animatic
o T-Rex Fight Pre-Viz Animatic
o Kong's Capture Pre-Viz Animatic
o Empire State Building Battle Pre-Viz Animatic
o Ann Disarms Kong Motion-Capture/Animation Comparison
o Kong's Capture Motion-Capture/Animation Comparison
o Kong in New York Motion-Capture/Animation Comparison
o 1996 and 2005 Scripts (DVD-ROM)

Talk about packed with features. This PJ dude has really discovered what DVDs are all about. Or should be. Now if only he were in charge of Universal DVD and could convince them to produce a Jaws Box Set for the Americas......

Take care everyone, and God bless,

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