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PCR #333. (Vol. 7, No. 32) This edition is for the week of August 7--13, 2006.
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"World Trade Center"  by Mike Smith
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Odds are, I'm Back!...Catching Up with Oddservations....VHS Grindhouse....Mel Gibson...."Talladega Nights"  by Andy Lalino
Amity Island Excursion  by Matt Drinnenberg
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Thanks to Netflix for giving me yet another opportunity to see the big kahuna of cinema (JAWS) on the big screen. And not only on the big screen, but on the big screen outside under the stars...right on the beach of one of the attacks! Just way too cool.

Took my guitar along as I was meeting some people there, one person in particular, whom I'd promised to play Behind Closed Doors for, which I didn't know on the previous trip to the Island 2 months back. Always fun to whip out the Ax and jam, espeically when your doing it for a group of people. Even if it's only one song.

Possibly the greatest thing about all of this trip was the incredible opportunity afforded me by the person I stayed with. Her name is Donna, and she just happened to be the 'holder of the icon', as she spearheaded the successfull efforts to bring the most famous of all the stars in Jaws to the showing of the movie on the beach. And that , of course, is Bruce the Shark himself.

Naturally, all hell broke loose once Bruce made his big appearance, as a steady (and I mean non stop steady) stream of fans came up asking to have their picture taken with the big guy. And Brucie, as he's asked me to call him, was kind enough to open his .. um .. Jaws .. for an action photo with the mattster. As his fins were missing, he couldnt sign the photo, but I was humbled nontheless.

As for the movie...it was great as always. And I've really come to appreciate the reactions of young kids who have never seen this movie. Kind of makes me chuckle thinking about the first dozen times I saw it. Which I think actually could have been day 1. Okay, it couldnt have been day 1, as there were only 5 showings a day at the theater, but it wasnt more than that. All the screams came at all the right places, just as all the laughs. When the shark exploded, enthusiastic applause erupted across the lawn on the shores of Oak Bluffs. Really, I almost get teary eyes thinking about it.

The next morning, it was time to transport my finless friend back to his Orca Lair, a secret hideaway on the island known by only a handfull of lucky people. Securing him to the back of the truck, Donna says to me "Why don't you climb in the back with Bruce?"!!


She didn't have to say it twice. Really, I can't even begin to tell you how awesome it was tooling around Amity Island accompanying Bruce on his journey, his sojourn if you will. And it was a very melancholy thing seeing the studly stud of sea-dom disappear as the door closed him in, keeping him safe to fright again.

Time to take me to the ship back home, Donna dropped me off at the very spot we had witnessed our feeding frenzy friend in all his glory the night before. We said our goodbyes, and I made my way to the shipyard to buy my ticket. As I waited for the boat, I decided to break out my guitar and keep myself company. Next thing I know, I got people sitting around me asking for more (which is secretly was we guitar players really love), and I was more than happy to oblige them. Even tried out some of my new tunes, which they seemed to really like. Bestowing on them copies of my cd, I bid 'adieu' and made my way to the vessel of reality. A couple hours later, I was at the homestead and bumming that my incredible experience was over. Yet also incredibly grateful to Donna, for her generosity, and giving me one of what will forever be 'lifes great moments'.

Take care, and God bless,

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