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PCR #339. (Vol. 7, No. 38) This edition is for the week of September 18--24, 2006.
Matt's Rail

"Jackass: Number Two"  by Mike Smith
Dentistry and Wisdom Teeth  by Mark Terry
ZOOTV on DVD....Mickey Hargitay is Gone  by Andy Lalino
Happy Birthday to the Mikester....Camp Amity....Monster Poll....Monsters From The Vault  by Matt Drinnenberg
A Great Cause....The Acknowledgement That I'm Old....Which Reminds Me....Boo, I Want My Money Back....My Favorite Films, Part 38: "Young Frankenstein"  by Mike Smith
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As I didn't have a Rail last week (big suprise), I didn't get to wish Mike a Happy Birthday, but since I hope he has a happy day every day I guess it kinda loses something. Especially since his birthday was 5 days ago. But hey, I can always hope you finally get that GI Joe with the Kung Fu grip!

I must confess I feel worse than bantha fodder or discarded chum, as I neglected to wish Mike a happy one when I was on the phone with him. And tho I'm going thru one of the more stressful times in my life right now, that still is no excuse. Especially when you consider what he has meant to my life.

Of cousre, he did miss mine last year. Not that it makes it okay or anything. But I wouldn't be me if I didnt try to sugar-coat my crap.

Happy B-Day, studly. Enjoy your Netflix Jaws poster!

Great sadness is exuding thru me now, as I contemplate the reality that another great hallmark of history has passed us by.

The log cabin rented by Spielberg and company as they filmed Jaws is no more. :(

Destroyed and torn down by misguided fools and greedy hands, "the cabin" was so much more than just an old building with faded memories. It was a lifeline for all Jaws fans to cling to as they congregated together these past couple years, having met new friends who now seem like old friends, helping to turn passing time into times that will never pass.

I feel quite honored and priveledged that I had a chance to visit and knock down a couple Narragansetts in Quint's honor before the bell tolled on this now gone icon of history. And humbled at the thought that I actually stood in its shadow and absorbed its legacy.

And I'm pretty confident I'm not the only one who feels that way.

The monster poll has been updated as of today on Masters of Horror.

Thank you to everyone who voted in the previous poll deadicated to your "Favorite Frankenstein", sans Karloff. The results of that poll kind of suprised me, as I wasn't expecting a lot of votes for Lugosi. Maybe I just don't give that guy enough flathead love, but he does have more than one fan on this earth.

The question was:

After Boris Karloff, who is your favorite classic flathead Frankenstein monster!

Lon Chaney Jr got 10 votes
Bela Lugosi got 9 votes
Glenn Srange was the big winner with 22 votes!!

Not too bad for spending 3 movies laying on your back with about 30 seconds of walking time. He does look really cool, tho, and Basil Gogos always did him justice.

Unlike my previous muted polls, this one actually had people leave commentary on their choices, one of which was our own Terence Nuzum! (thanks, Terence)

"Glenn Strange really didn't have much to do other than lay on a table and break out of his chains and then die. All in like 5 mins. so Chaney has to win out if for nothing else because he had more screen time."

"I feel Bela emoted stiffly but suitably strangely in his only shot as the Frankenstein Monster. Remember he screen-tested for the role!"

"Lugosi would be my choice as well. The film was butchered by the editors, so it lost all the impact of why he played the role the way he did (he was supposed to be blind)."

Again, thanks for the votes!! And check out the new Monster Poll on Masters of Horror.

Just wanted to call to attention an AWESOME Monster mag called Monsters From The Vault. Talk about blowing me away to a monster universe!

Most of you know of my love for the classic FM, and that will always hold a soft spot in my heart. But MFTV is packed fuller than Ygor's hump! The covers rock!!, and the writers are top notch!!

I HIGHLY suggest picking this up, whether at a newstand, or online at www.monstersfromthevault.com. Really, it's not my thing to advertise for mags, but this is so freakin' good I have to let you know about it. And I'd be interested in comments about it at horrorheadfred@netscape.net when you pick it up!


Till next time (whenever that is....)

Take care and God bless,

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