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Fall...AFM Time  by Mark Terry
Halloween Monster Mayhem Contest....Is Bush Anti-American?....Republican Homos  by Matt Drinnenberg
Excuses, Excuses....Funny Book Movies....My Favorite Films, Part 40: "The Breakfast Club"  by Mike Smith
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Just wanted everyone to know that the contest eligibility is 7-16, NOT 8-15 as I stated in my last Rail. The change has been made to the contest page, and I apologize for the confusion.

It has been pointed out to me that, at 16, you are still a kid. Thus, should be eligible. Plus I don't like being called stupid because I failed to realize that.

The contest goes thru October 31st, so start working on those stories now!!! AND WIN!!!!!

I want to make it clear at the outset that I had absolutely no intention whatsoever in having a follow up part 2 to this topic. Be certain that, given the abuse of power wielded by this administration, I thought twice about even sending it. But there comes a time in life where you have to make a decision. Not one based on what is right for you, or on what is "safe", but on what is right and acceptable for not only you, but for your country.

And what is clearly not right and even more clearly unacceptable.

So again we are faced with the question "Is Bush Anti-American"?. This time because of an amazing afront to the very document he has sworn to protect. The document which states that we have not only the freedom and right, but responsibility to question our leaders. The document which states we are to oppose all that is contrary to the document itself. The document is the Constitution of the United States of America.

How so? Because President George W. Bush stood at a podium, and proclaimed that every citizen of this country that disagrees with his policies is an "Obstructionist". Not an American with rights afforded by the Constitiution to have a voice of dissent when we disagree with our leaders...but OBSTRUCTIONISTS!!

Imagine the arrogance of one who is so contempt of the truth and this Country's very basis of existence, that he would call those who follow their rights as citizens of this nation obstructionists! Further, because we are sick of his lies and lack of accountability and misinformation, we are told that we are giving comfort to the terrorist by doing so.

I would like to remind Bush that it is his responsibility to care about all Americans. To do things that will help everyone in this country. To abide by the Constitution, which he fails to do repeatedly. All while the Republicans in Congress, with full undeterred knowledge of all this foolishness, not only allow it to continue, but propogate the deceit upon America as they approve a bill sparing Bush and his cronies of any and all war crimes. Bet you didn't know that, did you.

And of course, Bush made sure he introduced everyone to another episode of mind control, as he pronounced to the audience at hand "And I'd like to remind the citizens of America, we were not in Iraq on September 11, 2001"

No shit, Sherlock. I wasn't standing in the mountains of Nevada with my finger up my nose on that date either, and you know what, standing in Nevada with my finger up my nose has as much to do with 9/11 as Iraq. Because as we all know, and as Bush himself, as well as his entire administration has admitted, Iraq and Saddam Hussien had absolutely NOTHING to do with 9/11. So why would he bring it up again? Because the GOP is still entrenched in their scummy way of fear and hate-mongering, trying to divide this nation against itself so they can continue their affront to truth and assault on the very identiy of this nation.

Yes, it is abundantly clear to me thru words and actions that George W.Bush does not care about the values, truths, and responsibilities that come with not only being President, but being a citizen of America. He cares about having his way, lying to us to have his way, having his people lie to us to have his way, and basically calling us traitors because we are sick of it.

I'll remind Mr. President, this isn't The United States of the Republicans, it's the United States of America. You see, there are all kinds of citizens in this country. You may not know that, because you are ignorant to real life issues due to the glare of the silver spoon that is quite obviously still stuck in your mouth. This explains "Brownie" doing such a kickass job in New Orleans. But I'd like to remind the Prez that there are Republicans, Democrats, Liberals, Green Party, Libertarian, and...well, a heckuvalotta other folks who just love America. Your job is to represent all of them. Not berate and insult them when they live up to their Constitutional responsibilities.

And as someone who not only volunteered to serve my country, but did so at a time of the Iran crisis, and who also happened to show up for work every single day of my service commitment, and never required my dad to get me out of an AWOL situation because of it, I'm appalled that the leader of this country would try to use my brothers and sisters in arms to solidify his case against our rights as citizens of America.

He must go.

I start this piece with the heading above because I could swear that is the term used by the masses of Republcans in Congress to get elected. You know, vote for me - Joe Republican - because homos want to have sex with your children and send America to Hell. Funny, isn't it, that it is coming to pass that some of those very guys who ran under the ANTI-GAY banner are gay themselves.

As you must know, this all started with Florida Rep. Foley trying to make loveydovey with a 16-year-old. People like Fox like to point out that Foley is a Democrat. Of course, he isn't a Democrat. Foley is a Republican, and has always been one. Just another example of mind control used by the lying scumbags known as the Republican party and their minions of deceit = Fox = who were appalled that they made such an error. Were they appalled because they have given aid and comfort to a group of liars doing their best to destroy the Contitution of the United States? No. Were they appalled because they knew of this story months ago and, instead of saving the lives of children in peril, decided to keep it secret so their party of choice could continue their deceit? No. Were they appalled because they've done the bidding of those fucking over this country the past 6 years? No.

Now comes the part that I just find so terrific and wonderful, I can hardly wipe the smile from my face. And that is the gay community is now about to 'OUT' all of these frauds who are gay, but have turned their back on their own community in seek of personal gain and power. Just another example how being gay or not being gay has NOTHING to do with whether or not your are evil. Amazing that is how most of these guys got elected, by bashing gays. It would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic.

Heck, I still remember Bush's speech to get re-elected, where he warned good Christian people of the evil liberals who believed in Gay rights that live in Massachusetts. Too bad he wasn't warning them of the gay Republicans who were running with his support. I guess it's okay to be an evil Republican homo who wants to send yours to Hell, but hey...if you're a gay Democrat, you go straight to the 7th circle.

Many of you know that I have quite a few friends who are gay. Not sick scumbags who want to prey on children, like Foley and his Republican slime who knew and did nothing--making them just as guilty. The people I hang with who are gay are just like me; they love, they laugh, they care, they cry, they hate hate, they hate deceit, and they despise child abuse in any form. Yes, for those of you in the Bible belt, just because someone is gay, doesn't mean they prey on kids. I feel safe in saying there are more hetero men gunning for children than gay men.

I'm leaning this piece this way, because according to Foley and his attorney, he only wanted to molest kids because he was molested as a child, and he was drunk.

Newsflash, I was abused as a child and in the most heinous way, and since then there have been several times where I've been drunk, and never...NEVER...NEVER EVER...have I ONCE contemplated having sex with a child. These Republicans are so filled with lies and scum that they can't even come clean when they come clean. Now that the boulder is falling down the hill, however, it's just a matter of time before more rocks are taken along for the ride.

Looks like it's time to sit back, put the hands behind the head, prop my feet up on a pillow, and watch it all unfold. Not the undoing of America as the lying minions would have you believe, but the end of those who have been trying to undo America and destroy free speech for the last 6 years. I just wonder when Bush is going to declare a state of emergency and stop all elections. Of course, they'll need a terrorist strike, but we all know Bush is good for at least one of those by way of purposeful and selective ignorance.

Really, I feel the whole lot of them is scum. (Apologies to scum). I may never vote Republican again.

Finally, we find ourselves at the outset of the waiting game, because let's face it....it's just a matter of time, isn't it, before this is all Bill Clinton's fault.

Till next time, take care, God bless, and TAKE YOUR COUNTRY BACK!!!!!!!

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