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PCR #340. (Vol. 7, No. 39) This edition is for the week of September 25--October 1, 2006.
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Hello, gang. Another short one this week, for which I apologize. I've slowly turned into Mr. Busy Bee! Shall we begin?

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Last week, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez referred to President Bush as the Devil. I especially like the part where he said he could "still smell the sulfur" on the podium Bush had recently stood at. Reached in Hell, the Devil had this to say to Chavez: "Hey, what did I ever do to you?!"

Next week, Christie's Auction House is holding the greatest auction of original "Star Trek" items in the galaxy. How expensive will this stuff be? Considering that the catalogue of items up for sale costs $90.00 should give you a hint. And for those of you really into auction catalogues, there is also a limited edition box set catalogue which can be yours for a paltry $500.00. Some of the goodies up for bid, and their estimated value:

Enterprise-E Captain's Chair - fit your butt into Patrick Stewart's ass groove for an estimated $9000! If you're possessed with Scott Bakula's butt, his chair is a grand less.
2 bottles of Chateau Picard wine - used during Data's memorial in "Star Trek: Nemesis" - $700
Various Starfleet Dress Uniforms - depending on character. The more popular, the more moola: Guinan's will cost you six grand.
Deanna Troi's Wedding Dress and Nightgown - ONLY $800. The perfect gift for the geek who thinks he's Jonathan Frakes and is still searching for Mrs. Frakes.

Three character actors have left us recently:
Robert Earl Jones, father of James Earl Jones and an accomplished theatre actor in his own right, passed away at the age of 96 from natural causes. Possessing the same deep voice he passed on to his son, Jones worked primarily on stage, taking the occasional television or film role. Casual film fans would probably know him best for his work as Luther, the con man friend of Johnny Hooker (Robert Redford) in the Oscar winning "The Sting".
Pat Corley, a staple of film and television from the mid 1970s through 2000, died at 76 due to heart failure. He appeared in dozens of television shows, including "Kojak," "Delvecchio," "LA Law," "Murder One" and the groundbreaking mini series "Roots." Film roles included "Audrey Rose," "Coming Home," "The Onion Field" and "The Rose." He will be best remembered for recurring roles on two of the most popular shows ever: Chief Coroner Wally Nydorf on "Hill Street Blues" and Phil, the proprietor of Phil's Restaurant, on "Murphy Brown." According to Corley, during "Hill Street Blues" run he received a phone call from Laurence Olivier who called his performance as Wally Nydorf "the finest television acting I have ever witnessed."
Edward Albert, son of the late "Green Acres" actor Eddie Albert, passed away this week at the age of 55. Cause of death was listed as lung cancer. In 1972 Albert shot to stardom with his performance as the blind man who moves away from his over protective mother in "Butterflies are Free." He was nominated for a Golden Globe award as Best Actor and won the Golden Globe as Most Promising Male Newcomer for his performance. He later appeared in such films as "Midway" and "The Greek Tycoon." On television he worked on such shows as "Kung Fu," "Police Story," "Murder, She Wrote," "Falcon Crest" and had a featured role for three seasons on "Beauty and the Beast".

Starring: Christian Slater, Patricia Arquette, Val Kilmer, Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken
Directed by: Tony Scott

FIRST SEEN: My house on VHS, Baltimore, Maryland
FAVORITE LINE: "You tell the angels in heaven you never seen evil so singularly personified as you did in the face of the man that killed you!"
FAVORITE SCENE: The "Q and A" between Hopper and Walken.

I must admit that I was a late recruit into the Quentin Tarantino army. I was actually introduced to "Q" by Matt Singleton, the projectionist at my last theatre in Maryland. He finally convinced me to rent "True Romance" and it quickly became a favorite of mine. Like later films "Pulp Fiction" and "Jackie Brown," Tarantino's script drew A-list actors to small but juicy roles. Val Kilmer? Brad Pitt? Gary Oldman? These guys were stars and they jumped at the chance for 10 minutes of screen time. Director Scott added his own touches to make "True Romance" a story that constantly moves, only pausing momentarily to catch its breath.

There are so many great scenes that it was very hard for me to choose my "favorite." However, I figured it would have been a cop-out to just put "the whole movie" down. The Q and A between the two veterans is a joy to watch because you are watching two of the best EVER at the top of their game. Even the younger performers (James Gandolfini, Michael Rappaport, Chris Penn, Bronson Pinchot) kick their performances into high gear as if they knew they would otherwise be left in the dust.

Ironically, both Matt and I truly disliked "Natural Born Killers." I saw it as a big jumble of ideas that really went nowhere. I'm curious how I would have received the film had Tony Scott or even Tarantino himself directed instead of Oliver Stone, who, as a writer, I'm sure added his take to the story.

Next week, with school back in session what better film to look at then the one Entertainment Weekly recently voted as the best high school film of all time, "The Breakfast Club"? (though, as someone who graduated in 1978, I'm more partial to "Dazed and Confused".

Well, that's all for now. Have a great week. See ya!

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