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PCR # 307  (Vol. 7, No. 6)  This edition is for the week of February 6--12, 2006.

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Movie review by:
Michael A. Smith
Three stars

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Warner Brothers     
Starring: Harrison Ford, Virginia Madsen, Paul Bettany, Robert Forster and Alan Arki
Directed by: Richard Loncraine
Rated: PG 13
Running Time: 1 hours 53 mins

I have to admit that I was starting to worry about Harrison Ford. With his most recent films ("Hollywood Homicide," "Random Hearts" and "Six Days and Seven Nights") not getting the reviews or business one would expect, it was looking like his best work in the past five years had been the Dr. Seuss bit he read at the beginning of this year's Super Bowl. But I'm happy to say that I've judged to quickly. Ford is back and he's doing what he does best in "Firewall."

Jack Stanfield (Ford) is in charge of computer security for a local Seattle bank. He lives in a nice house with his wife (Madsen), children and Rusty the dog. Life is good. While preparing for a possible business merger with a larger bank he is approached by Bill Cox (Bettany), who is proposing a new computer security software that will keep his client's accounts safe. What he hasn't told him is that he has just had Jack's family bound and gagged and is holding them hostage.

A well-crafted thriller, "Firewall" returns Harrison Ford to the role fans love, that of a man forced to deal with extraordinary circumstances. Like the falsely accused doctor in "The Fugitive" or the President in "Air Force One," Ford's Stanfield is a man facing seemingly insurmountable odds, only to find the inner strength to do what's right. Bettany, probably best known as Russell Crowe's co-star in "A Beautiful Mind" and "Master and Commander" is an excellent villain. Very cool and calculated he reminds me most of Alan Rickman's Hans Gruber from "Die Hard." Only blonde. The supporting cast is equally as good. Madsen, fresh off last years Oscar nomination for "Sideways," shows many sides of a mother who must protect her children. Gentle at some times, tough at others, she gives a fine performance in what could have easily been a one dimensional role. Credit an excellent script that takes you in directions you didn't expect to go and has more then one good twist.

After a very lackluster January it's nice to see February roar in with a bang! On a scale of zero to four stars, I give "Firewall"  Three stars

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