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PCR #303  (Vol. 7, No. 2)  This edition is for the week of January 9--15, 2006.

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Rex's Rant: Abramoff....Pat Robertson....Howard Stern...."Hostel" †by Nick King
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Dedicated To....Passing On....Speaking of Baseball....My Favorite Films--Chapter 2 †by Mike Smith
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Nicholas Rex

Rex's Rant

Hello again gentle readers, itís time once again to read the words of Nicholas Rex, resident blowhard of Crazedfanboy. Thanks be to Nolan who continues to encourage me to speak my mind as openly as I would like to. As always what you are about to read are my opinions. If you disagree feel free to tell me.

Now that the Abramoff scandal has begun in full force, Iíd love to see the religious rightís response to these corruption allegations. Some 50 or so congressman and senators have been linked to receiving bribes and favors from Abramoff and his associates, not to mention the fact that they have stolen literally hundreds of millions of dollars from Native American casinos over the past decade and a half. Havenít we done enough to screw over the Native Americans without continuing to abuse them? To those in the religious right that put these corrupt SOBís into office, my hats off to you. You people sure know how to swallow a load of horseshit. Pardon my language but thatís what these Republicans have been feeding the religious right. And they bought it hook, line, and sinker. Most of you would think that Iím a Democrat by the constant abuse I fling at the Republican Party. Iím neither a Republican nor a Democrat. I just hate seeing corrupt power-mongers keep getting into office.

Pat Robertson
Speaking of the religious right, can someone tell me why Pat Robertson hasnít met an early death yet? Normally I donít advocate violence and Iím not for killing people. But this is truly one mentally disturbed man. In his case, killing him would be a merciful act. Then he can go meet God and find out just how bad he did in life representing Jesus. Maybe then heíll see that if you profess Jesus with your lips, youíd better back it up by the lifestyle you live.

Howard Stern
One thing I am happy to hear about is Howard Sternís move to Sirius satellite radio. Iíve been a fan of Howard Stern ever since I saw the movie adaptation of Private Parts, which is a very funny film. Now that he is no longer the yoke of the FCC I think his career will not only flourish, I think he will help to make satellite radio a must have service. I know Iíll be getting Sirius radio soon and Howard Stern is one strong reason as to why.

I watched an interview with the director of the new film Hostel. He said the idea came to him after a buddy of his sent him a link to a website where you can pay $10,000 to shoot someone in the head, just so you know what the experience is like. If this website does exist, Iíd like to have Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and a few other people that Iím not going to mention join me for this overseas trip.

Thatís going to wrap up this weekís edition. Please tune in again, same bat-time, same bat-channel.

Nicholas Rex

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