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PCR #312  (Vol. 7, No. 11)  This edition is for the week of March 12--19, 2006.

The Tampa Bay Watershed and Its Importance To You -- Part Three....Proposal to Sell Off Our National Forest Lands †by William Moriaty
"V For Vendetta" †by Mike Smith
Alone †by Nick King
Everything But a Grammy....Movie Notes....My Favorite Films -- Chapter 10: "Fast Times At Ridgemont High" †by Mike Smith
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Nicholas Rex

(Readers, Nolan here. After a long absence, Nick King sent the following as what he wished to be published in this issue and is extremely personal. It's not media commentary, but I'm grateful he's blowing off steam here rather than doing something stupid in private. I appreciate his sharing this. --Nolan)


Hello again, good readers. Itís been many moons since my last rant on this site. I wish to thank Nolan again for allowing me the best place I have to express myself. Now on to the matter at hand...

Itís been some time since Iíve had any kind of substantial relationship in my life. Perhaps this is because Iím not ready for one or maybe itís just the simple fact that Iím not meant to have one. This last train of thought has been causing quite a stir in the reaches of my gray matter. There are those that say we all have a soul mate, someone that is meant to complete us in every way. And then there are those that scoff at such inane banter saying that itís ludicrous to think that everyone has someone that they are meant for.

Personally, I believe itís all a load of crap. For me the word love is not associated with anything positive. Only negative occurrences have come my way when my heart has been the guide. This has led me to believe that perhaps such a form of happiness is not meant for me, that I am not meant to experience such a blessed occasion. Maybe it is due to my own brand of fatalism. For many years (and you can ask my mother to verify this) I believed that I would be dead by the time I reached the age of 30. Well Iím almost 26 now so you can see that Iím not much of a prognosticator. Itís still four years away so you never can tell.

Part of me sees my friends in relationships and feels happy for them in their state of bliss. The other part of me wishes to sow misery in such a happy scene since thatís all Iíve been handed. Karma is a bitch though and things like that do tend to bite you in the ass. For my closest friends I am truly happy for them. Very few of us find someone that we can stand to be around for lengthy periods of time and have that person wish to spend equally long periods of time with us, even when we are at our worst. This is not a condemnation for the people that have spurned me.

Some things in this world are just not meant to be.

Nicholas Rex

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