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PCR #352  (Vol. 7, No. 51) This edition is for the week of December 18--24, 2006.

Harry and the Haunted Packing Plant....Merry Christmas and Happy New Year From PCR and La Floridiana  by Will Moriaty
"Rocky Balboa"  by Mike Smith
Give the Gift of Cult Films this Year....Publix - Where Shopping Costs a Treasure....Christmas Greeetings  by Andy Lalino
A Prophetic Rocky Balboa Article  by Mark Terry
Oscar News....Quite An Honor....Was "Phantom Menace" Taken?...Passing On This Week....Passing On This Year....My Favorite Films, Part 51: "A Christmas Story"  by Mike Smith
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Andy Lalino
Oddservations by Andy Lalino

Give the Gift of Cult Films this Year
This is an appeal to those entertaining thoughts of giving horrid, mainstream-title DVD's out as gifts this Christmas: fuck Julia Roberts and "The Rock" movies, and give the gift of everlasting cool: Cult Films on DVD. Whether it be horror, Russ Meyer, blaxploitation, '60s Italian sci-fi flicks, local films, the new "Forbidden Planet" box set - this is your chance to excrete big Hollywood from your lives for good and get back in touch with your rock & roll self.

Getting hubby the newest Markie Mark Wahlberg movie? Don't you dare. Get him Vol.'s 1 and 2 of "42nd Street Forever", a dynamite collection of sleazy exploitation trailers.
Wife big on Reese Witherspoon? Time to cure that with Blue Underground's double feature "Daughters of Darkness"/"The Blood Spattered Bride" DVD.
Your bro like Van Damme? Not anymore. You're getting him Al Adamson's "Cinderella 2000" on DVD.
Does sis like Dope-Rah Winfried? Time to change channels. I suggest the Mary Woronov/Rhonda Shear female lockup flick "Prison-A-Go-Go".
Thinking about getting the kids the newest pixellized CGI extravaganza? I think they'd be just as entertained by an Ultraman or The Electric Company boxed set.

Publix - Where Shopping Costs a Treasure
I know we all shop at grocery stores, but have you ever stopped and thought about how much this stuff costs? The prices for food are unbelievable. At our local Publix, a small container of hummus (yes, I like hummus) is $3.99! For pureed chick pees with a splash of garlic! A "Margaritaville" frozen entree is $8.99! For only about eight shrimp!! You're lucky if you can find fresh seafood at Publix for under $5.99/lb. for any type of fish. While I find their deli the best out of the chains, they're pricey for what is basically a lump of processed meat, plus you have to wait forever for someone to slice it. Their ice cream prices are outrageous, and their meat dept. could never size up to Winn-Dixie's.

Nolan was surprised to learn that I'm a big coupon clipper - yes, it's true. I'm probably one of the most strategic grocery shoppers you'll ever meet. My best score ever was years ago, when Winn-Dixie (before their downsizing) offered triple coupons - one time I bought $50 worth of groceries for only $12 when all the coupons were tallied. Ka-ching!

Christmas Greetings
To all PCR readers/staff, and to all cult-a-holics: A Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to you all. Here are some suggestions for cult movie holiday viewing:

"Silent Night, Deadly Night"
"Santa Claus" (K. Gordon Murray)
"Santa Claus Conquers the Martians"
"Black Christmas" (the original or the new remake)
"Trading Places"
"Silent Night, Bloody Night"
"Tales from the Crypt" (killer Santa story) (1972)

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