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Nolan's Pop Culture Review, 2006!
    Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our seventh calendar year!
Number 305  (Vol. 7, No. 4). This edition is for the week of January 23--29, 2006.

Complications Abound
  • Bush's Press Conference
  • Computer Crash and Recovery (if any)
    Ľ Thanks to filmmakers
    Ľ Delayed Lettercol
  • Bush's Press Conference
    I caught most of President Bush's press conference yesterday (the one on 1-26-06), and while I thought he sounded more together than usual---I mean despite frequent stammering, extreme nervousness, and obvious contempt for the press---the net result is more of the same. Denial of any wrongdoing regarding the spying scandal (no surprise there), a resistance to ansering why he won't release White House photographs of himself posing with Abramoff ("Hey...I take my pictures with lots of people!" -- Forget that doesn't answer the question), and repeatedly asserting his supreme authority via "Exacutive Powers" with a glib aside that how far he can go and to what extent he can do what he wants with total immunity is...get this...a matter of debate(!), and has been for some time.

    Please see this issue's Matt's Rail and Couch Potato Confessions (the latter sent to me before the press conference, so is weirdly prophetic) for more on the Prez's hijinks.

    Computer Crash
    It is every webmaster/computer geek's worst nightmare: after arriving home from work, turning on the computer to hurriedly check of a few email accounts, then maybe (if you're like me) update your world-famous website.....only to find the most dreaded words ever to appear on that ever-so-important window on the world: "Boot Failure". Darkness. Panic. Repeated attempts yield repeated failures. This is what happened to me today. Funny, everything seemed OK last night.

    My mind went racing to mentally track data and back-up files. My first call went to computer guru and make-up maestro Corey Castellano, currently filming on location in LA ("The Prestige", I think the production's called). Short on time, he graciously talked me through some very basic diagnostic checks, but the situation did not improve. There's only so much he can do from 3,000 away. He had more ideas, but was called back to the set. Further action will have to wait.

    Obviously, any video editing and Nolan Radio updates are out of the question for a while. The only real remaining dilemma was how to get online, check emails, check the message board, and update PCR?

    One of the best investments I ever made was in a small, spare computer I bought years ago for emergencies such as this. It's a rust-bucket, still running Windows '95, but it works. It's certainly coming in handy now, but it does not have the fancy bells and whistles or SPEED my megalithic XP Pro machine has (or...gulp...had). It's just a simple device that enables me some low-end but reliable comunication with you guys.

    Due to this unfortunate situation, I cannot guarantee when the new World of Nolan episode, featuring clips from this month's Tampa Film Review, will appear. I apologize for this inconvenience but, as I'm sure you've gleaned by now, it can't be helped. Believe me, I'm plenty freaked out by this. (Long-time readers may recall I've been through this sort of thing before---it hasn't gotten any easier.)

    There is hope in all this, but it won't be quick in coming. I just ask all y'all to please bear with me as I get this latest technological mess straightened out -- updates will be slower than usual, but they will be coming. And, of course, the message board will keep everybody in contact.

    Thanks, Filmmakers
    I want to express my deep appreciation to Bay area filmmakers for the way above average feedback I've received regarding my article (and the St. Pete Times article) on the first Tampa Film Review event! Particularly on the Message Board, which, as of this writing, has nearly doubled the record, in posted pages, of any topic we've ever had, in any iteration of the board.
    Delayed Lettercol
    I apologize for the inconvenience, but to eveyone who sent me letters over the past week's time, I may not be able to retrieve them due to the crash, so this week's Lettercol is not being posted because the material for it was saved on the machine that went down. We are working feverishly to bring the ol' workhorse back online, but it may take some time. Please be patient. If you wish to re-send me your letters so I have them for next week, you are welcome to do so! (My address book was in there, too, so many of you I cannot write to personally.) Again, apologies.

    Thank you --- Nolan

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