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Nolan's Pop Culture Review, 2006!
    Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our seventh calendar year!
Number 320  (Vol. 7, No. 19). This edition is for the week of May 8--14, 2006.

Still At It
  • The Tampa Giant Comic Con
  • Tampa Film Review Reminder

  • This should be the last week PCR runs a day or so behind as my odious night job has finally hired some new help, so I won't be up 24 hours a day for days at a time any more --theoretically.

    With a long-awaited day off from the hell-pit at my doorstep, the new approach to PCR should be completed over the next few days or so. I appreciate your patience while I work through this subtle transition period.

    Because I've been using digital still cameras for the past several years, I was shocked to just now discover nearly all the One-Hour Photo places around my house have pretty much disappeared. With my 1999 Hewlett-Packard digital cam down for the count, I had to buy a Kodak FunSaver disposable 35mm camera last Sunday to get pictures from the Tampa Giant Comic Con, which several of us attended. Only when I took the film in to be developed did I discover the bad news.

    However....I did hear that Walgreen's still has a 1-Hour set-up, and there is one fairly close to me, so I took it over there to do the deed. All photos accompanying my Tampa Giant Comic Con write-up, below, feature pictures from this camera. I had to Photoshop the living hell out of some of them due to a "smearing" effect from the cheap-o lens, but generally I'm happy. The texture will look different than the digital shots y'all are used to, kinda grainy, but, hey, it's what we got for now, and I'm grateful for anything at this point.

    The Tampa Giant Comics Con for May, 2006
    Promoter Tim Gordon has been very reliable about putting on the Tampa Giant Comics Con and Toy Show three times a year for many years. And this despite the little setback of a heart attack followed by major surgery! That's dedication and we're all very glad Tim is back to his healthy self. I myself haven't been able to get to one of Tim's shows in a year because of my own health setbacks -- I was hospitalized during last August's show, and suffered a relapse during November's. This time, though, it looked like smooth sailing all the way around. Fellow PCR contributor Brandon Jones, and two of his children, Zachary and Jacob, arrived at my house bright and early to pick up both me and Joshua "Black Dog" Montgomery who had walked over a little earlier. We arrived at the Doubletree Inn just about 10:00am as the doors were opening.

    Pictures will open in a new browser window
    Zachary and Jacob Jones standing in back of daddy Brandon's truck, preparing to enter the Doubletree Inn.
    That's me on the left standing with Tampa Comic Con promoter Tim Gordon. Tim's recent health scare hasn't slowed his commitment to fandom!
    The two lovely ladies from "Sandy's Candies". I bought a chocolate Superman cupcake before leaving the con. Yummy!
    Although the 501st Legion focuses on Star Wars fandom, a mysterious refugee from Hellboy was standing closeby (on left).
    By noon, the crowd had picked up very quickly. Another good turn-out for the Doubletree Con.
    Local indie film legend Joel Wynkoop, with wife Cathy, signs autographs and talks to fans.
    Joel couldn't resist a mug shot with Batman!
    Pictures will open in a new browser window
    Comics artist/inker Austin Janowsky and daughter Coral man the Students of the Unusual table.
    Comics artist legend Dick Giordano drawing another soon-to-be prized posession for a fan.
    Dick Giordano was an enthusiastic convention guest and really seemed to enjoy talking with fans.
    Last year Bubba the Redneck Werewolf was another cool local comic. This year, it is being made into a movie starring Syd Haig! Creator Mitch Hyman, who I met in 2004, could not be at the Con, but I got the rest of the motley crew of Cadre Corner Studios. (See article for names)
    Heroes of a feather flock together? Anakin Skywalker on left runs into Batman and Green Lantern
    BLADE REUNION! Rarest of the rare kind of photo-op as bassist Scott van Sickle (left) and drummer Corey Castellano (middle) are out of town on business so much. Leave it to the Comics Con to bring us together. The aging guitarist on the right couldn't stop smiling.
    Parting shot for the day as lunchtime beckoned. Left-to-right, standing: Corey's nephew Josh, Nolan Canova, Brandon Jones, Corey Castellano, and Terence Nuzum. Kneeling in front, Joshua "Black Dog" Montgomery.
    The first thing I noticed was the lobby was much more alive with activity than usual as there were many things being promoted, some not directly related to the con, but there at Tim's behest. Regal Cinemas was there promoting the "Mutant Masquerade", an X-Men III tie-in taking place at Regal University 16. Hand-crafted Superman cupcakes and super-hero candy was being sold at an adjacent table by the lovely ladies of Sandy's Candies. (I made sure to get a cupcake before I left the con.) A benefit station for the handicapped was across the hall, The Little Red Wagon Foundation, where I met a charming litle boy named Zach who not only had contributed some art, but he also happens to be the founder of the organization! (Do check out his website, it's adorable.) And, finally there was a huge table for the 501st Legion (Star Wars fandom -- see "Announcements" in PCR #319 for more on them). I stopped at each table to speak briefly with the participants.

    Before I entered the dealer's room I snuck a peek down the hall to see how Creature Productions' Indie Film Fest IV was coming along. Josh and I went up and down the hall but found nothing. Finally we stopped a hotel employee who told us "they're setting up in there," pointing to an unmarked door. Inside, we found Doug Vater (C.P. assistant) indeed was setting up the projector. Doug told us Creature head John Lewis would be delayed somewhat due to...ahem...an incident with a gas nozzle.

    Finally entering the dealer's room, Josh and I walked a bit before we became separated from Brandon and Co. Several laps later, Josh had secured some larger-scale Star Wars action figures and Brandon has a good handful of comics -- smokin' already!

    Around 11:00, good friend and PCR columnist Terence Nuzum ("The Audio Philes") arrived to check out the bootleg (ahem) video action. There, too, he seemed to find a few things much to his liking but was dismayed there were only three video tables (I thought I counted four) in the dealer's room. There did seem to be fewer tables over all this year, but I don't think the emphasis was ever all that much on video at these Cons anyway. It is billed as a comic con.

    I couldn't resist asking at least one dealer, Wet Ink Studios, why they never responded to NolanCon after our initial enthusiastic meeting a year ago. The representative stumbled for a second and said, "Yeah...uh....didn't they shut that down or something?" Haha. "They." Whatever. I remarked my biggest mistake was not getting many dealers contact numbers. At this, a table assistant hands me his card. Hey, great! (Where was it a year ago?) That was as far as I was going to take it here, I just had to get that out. Moving on....

    Terence, Josh and I came back to check on the Creature Productions Film Fest about an hour into a Star Wars film to watch the tail end of it (pretty good, I thought, Josh and Terence thought less of it) with the few others already in the room. Finding ourselves alone afterwards, Doug put on the Creature Production's Dark Dimensions trailer (also pretty good, I thought). I had a very amusing Q&A exchange about the editing which sounded to me like it was rehearsed; I typically have that problem with John and Co. Speaking of The Creature, CP head John Lewis finally showed up sweating profusely from his gas station incident, with attractive assistant and web designer Erica Heflin in tow. "Just friends." Ha ha, whatever. Seems John was up until 6:00am that morning shooting Dark Dimensions, and was virtually brain-dead (yes, I couldn't resist the obvious joke). Even after verbally bitch-slapping him, I could not, for the life of me, get the rest of the film schedule from him or anybody else, so we bailed back to the Con. (Actually, I knew Wynkoop's The Bite was scheduled, but not when. I learned the next day, Gus Perez's trailer for Angora played later that afternoon. That's about all I got out of the Indie Fest IV.)

    Back at the Con, Brandon and I met up again to see DC comics artist legend Dick Giordano.The man was way too busy to talk much, but just being there was an honor. Seated next to him was artist/inker Austin Janowsky and his daughter Coral. Brandon interviewed Austin at some length and we should be seeing an interesting write-up of that in a future Splash Page.

    A big surprise was seeing all the guys from Cadre Corner, the artists group primarily responsible for, among other things, the comic Bubba the Redneck Werewolf! All were there but Bubba creator Mitch Hyman (who I met in 2004). It was explained to me that Mitch was basically busy touring and having meetings over Bubba's movie debut starring Syd Haig! What the...? Seriously? Yep! Syd Haig will star as Bubba, but I didn't catch the release date. Soon, though. (I didn't have room in their group photo caption for their names, but they are, left-to-right: Mike Churchill, Chris Churchill, Jesse "Cadre" Hansen, Chuck "The Hun" Zsolnai, and Chris "Cannonball" Lesley. Good luck guys!)

    Another big and very pleasant surprise was running into one of my best friends ever, Scott van Sickle, former bassist for BLADE, currently the head man at Bout Time Studios. We don't see each other nearly enough since he's on the road so much and I'm geeked out over a hot computer all week. Since one of my other best friends ever, Corey Castellano (make-up guru and former drummer for BLADE), was expected to show soon, I figured we'd have a BLADE reunion.

    Sure enough, right around lunchtime, here comes Core with his nephew Josh (not to be confused with Joshes Montgomery or Sullivan). After a few brief hugs, we got in a few snaps and I was very happy (John Lewis, former vocalist for BLADE couldn't be located in time for the group pic.) Among other things, Corey was head/key make-up dude on X-Men III, which is due out May 26th. Seeing his name in the end credits of big movies is always a hoot (often listed as "Leo C. Castellano", his full name).

    This was my first Doubletree Inn Con in a year. I was in the hospital for the one last August and suffered a relapse for the one in November. It was good to be back in fan action (and having gotten over the chosen few who ignored NolanCon), and, of course, knowing Tim Gordon is in good health.

    Next up? BIONICON! Next month, June 23-25 in Tampa, FL, Bionic Woman Lindsay Wagner makes her first appearance at a convention for all things bionic! Also appearing: Lou Ferrigno(!), Richard Anderson(!), and Kenneth Johnson(!). Plus, Jennifer Darling, Marc Singer, Carmen Argenziano, and the lovely Erin Gray!

    Last Minute Reminder: The Tampa Film Review Meeting is Friday, the 12th!
    Please see PCR #319 for a detailed announcement and film schedule. Three films by Joe Davison, plus two other filmmakers new to our realm!! PLUS.....thanks to Chris Woods, a showing of the Bay News 9 spot, where Paul Guzzo and Nolan Canova pontificate on indie film!! This is a CAN'T MISS meeting!

    I once again apologize for running so far behind this week. I know I intended to comment on magician David Blaine and former CIA head Porter Goss, but just flat ran out of time. As stated in the headline section, my work schedule is finally coming under control, and I should be back to my loquacious and punctual publishing self by next week's issue!

    Happy Birthday Wishes go out to St. Petersburg filmmaker Christopher Woods who turns 33 years old, Thursday, May 11th! Many Happy Returns, my boy! The main man behind Icon Film Studios, I have frequently referred to Chris as indie film's most tragically underrated director and I still mean it. Besides branching out into web design, Chris is also intimately involved with the evolution of The Horror Channel, currently an online-only enterprise, but with a growing fan-base.

    Solfege Studios, Inc. is Now Showing (Insert Your Film Here)!

    Solfege Studios, Inc., an exclusive private theatre in Clearwater, is now available for your next screening, debut or VIP function.

    Our beautiful state of the art theatre offers a full size movie screen with projector, equipped with surround sound. This facility will hold between 50-100 people (50 sitting, 100 standing), and has an entertainment area that can accomodate food, beverages, etc.. This unique facility is available days, nights & weekends, starting at just $150! (daytime, based on 2 hr min.) Pricing varies by day, time, # of attendees, etc..

    Call us today to discuss how we can assist you with your next event.

    Tracy Hunter
    Marketing Director
    Solfege Studios
    2058 Weaver Park Drive
    Clearwater, FL 33765

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