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I'd like to congratulate the producers of X-Men: The Last Stand on setting the all-time record for a Memorial Day weekend opening and on being in the Top 5 openings ever ($120 million).
Nolan's Pop Culture Review, 2006!
    Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our seventh calendar year!
Number 323  (Vol. 7, No. 22). This edition is for the week of May 29--June 4, 2006.

The Long and the Short of it

You Must Be This Many Inches Tall To Enter Prison
by Nolan Canova

Too pretty to go to prison? Too short to go to prison? When you must meet certain ugliness requirements to enter the correctional system, something's very wrong...
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by Mike Smith

When is a romantic comedy not a romantic comedy? When the romance ends. And despite a beginning where the main characters meet "cute," The Break Up may go down with Fatal Attraction as the worst "date" movie of all time.
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by Mike Smith

PASSING ON....(Paul Gleason, Henry Bumstead)

MY FAVORITE FILMS -- Part 22: "Rocky"

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Alien peers out of dead duck's belly in this eBay X-ray!


by William Moriaty

The world of botany is limited in its super stars and cults of personalities. Botanists that people like myself hold in high esteem, Carl Linnaeus, John and William Bartram, Andre Michaux and John Kunkel Small, have long since joined the chorus invisible...
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by John Lewis

Whew!!!!!!!! It's been a while since I've reported anything from the "Castle" but things have mellowed a bit. I have not had access to a computer for over a month so all I could do was read lots of comics, watch tons of movies and just wish I was here with you people...
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The Tampa Film Network, previously represented on the web by a MySpace page has added a Yahoo Group to its arsenal of networking machinery. By joining the Yahoo group you can post casting, crew calls, premiere dates, or just talk about film. Once posted to the site, an e-mail will be sent to each of the members. If you're not already a Yahoo member, it's easy and free to sign up.

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