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Letters to the Editor
DragonCon 06
Nolan's Pop Culture Review, 2006!
Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our seventh calendar year!
Number 341  (Vol. 7, No. 40). This edition is for the week of October 2--8, 2006.

Troubled Times

by Mike Smith

The Departed

by Matt Drinnenberg

Halloween Monster Mayhem Contest .... Is Bush Anti-American? ... Republican Homos

by Mark Terry

Fall ... AFM Time

by Mike Smith

Excuses, Excuses .... Funny Book Movies....My Favorite Films, Part 40: "The Breakfast Club"

But on the lighter side...
  • New NOLAN RADIO episode: Nolan interviews special guest and radio legend TEDD WEBB (33 mins)
  • I am entering week two of one of the worst flu infections I've ever had and it's left me with very little choice but to conserve my energies for working my loathsome night job and bed rest otherwise. I once again apologize for resultant delays this week, because like with last week, I'm a-movin' mighty slow.

    As I write these words, Congress is still reeling from its latest scandal, and at least two different communities are recovering from senseless school shootings.

    I have never known a time in my life where young people are in such constant danger from total strangers. It seems every time I turn around, some pedophile-related homicide (or homicide/suicide, very fashionable these days) is making headlines.

    While it's been established in the past that these disturbed felons suffer from sexually-diseased minds, two of the most recent (the Colorado and Pennsylavania shootings) initially suggested a revenge motive(!) for going after their victims (altho the latter confessed in a suicide note about long-simmering sexual fantasies as well). Both separated the girls from the boys to "get even" for something.

    OCTOBER BIRTHDAYS           
    Ashley Lauren Lewis (Creature Productions), October 1st, 22 yrs old
    Joshua "Black Dog" Montgomery, October 4th, 23 yrs old
    Lisa Zubek (Lisa's Lambast, Nolan Radio), October 5th, 41 yrs old
    Mark Terry (My Middle Toe), October 6th, 28 yrs old
    Josh Sullivan (Josh Comics.com), October 13th, 25 yrs old
    Autumn Lynn Rio (Lisa's daughter, ALavery on the message board), October 18th, 24 yrs old
    Corey Castellano (Movie make-up FX maestro), October 27th, 43 yrs old.

    As for former Congressman Mark Foley and his sex-tinged emails to teenage pages....well, another hypocrite has been caught and that scandal will reverberate for some time to come. More thoughts on this incendiary affair can be found on the message board.

    Hate to leave you hangin' on that note, but it's time for NyQuil and unconsciousness. See you next week!

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