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Herschell Gordon Lewis

by ED Tucker

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by Andy Lalino

Horrorfest Report .... Jack Palance Remembered .... Robert Altman is Gone .... Happy Thanksgiving

Nolan's Pop Culture Review, 2006!
Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our seventh calendar year!
Number 348  (Vol. 7, No. 47). This edition is for the week of November 20--26, 2006.

Have a Safe and Happy
From all of us here at PCR, to all of you

by Mike Smith


by Mike Smith

A True Master....Now I Guess We'll Never Know....Kosmo, Kosmo....PS....'Tis The Season To Give....Happy Turkey Day.... My Favorite Films, Part 47: "The Wizard of Oz"

While it's always easy to think negatively about the world, I'm sure we all can think of things to be thankful for. Although I've been much better off in the past financially, able to buy newer things more frequently, paying bills without starving and so on, what I did NOT have is this website and the awesome communication it enabled which still overwhelms me. You guys sustain my inspiration and I thank you.

Mike's Rant is already in and covers a few topics I was going to bring up, so I won't steal his thunder by duplicating it here. I'll just say this: the Michael Richards incident -- dumb, he should've known better, short temper or not. I think Richards will recover but he'll be stigmatized for a long time. The O.J. Simpson book and TV special -- glad it was cancelled but still incredulous they thought anyone wouldn't be offended at such an arrogant and insensitive program idea ("How I would've killed them IF I'd done it" -- Jeeeezis). TV video showing Simpson smiling and waving at the camera make my blood boil.

I finally saw "Borat" yesterday. It was very funny, I laughed out loud many times, but afterwards I wondered to myself what I thought was so damned funny! He takes advantage of many people's ignorant and trusting nature. He basically used a fraudulent approach to catching people off-guard to appear in the movie. As Mike said in his review, "The big joke of Borat is that nobody else in the film knows that Borat is not who he says he is." Now, at least a half dozen of them are filing lawsuits because of it. I don't wish star Sacha Baron Cohen ill fortune, he made an interesting and funny movie, I just think those people deserve something.

Letters to the Editor The passing of director Robert Altman at 81 has hit Hollywood pretty hard -- we've lost so many more greats lately. Mike has an excellent overview of Altman in The Rant. (Even after 30 years, I still think M*A*S*H holds up.)

Why It Paid To Be A Former Catholic Today
This has nothing to do with any of the above current news, but it happened to me today as I was putting together this week's PCR. My close friend, make-up FX whiz Corey Castellano is currently in New England filming The Bronx is Burning, an 8-part miniseries for ESPN (about the 1977 World Series). So, I get a panicky call from him around noon and he's practically yelling into the phone (over the noise of other yelling in the background), "I need the words to 'Hail Mary'!! The Catholic prayer. I figured you'd remember them, none of us can!" And... I did! Haha. Power of early conditioning, folks. Anyway, if and when y'all see the series, when John Turturro (as manager Billy Martin) prays his Hail Mary, it's because I remembered how it went. Note to the production team: I'd love a screen credit for that...nothing fancy, mind you, just stick me in as a production assistant or something ("Prayer rememberer", haha). I'm easy.

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