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Drew Reiber
, Dec. 28, 28 yrs.
Jesus, Dec 25, 2006 yrs.
by Mike Smith

"The Fountain"

by Mike Smith

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Nolan's Pop Culture Review, 2006!
Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our seventh calendar year!
Number 349  (Vol. 7, No. 48). This edition is for the week of November 27--December 3, 2006.

Winding Up To Wind Down

by Nolan B. Canova

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by William Moriaty

Thanks For The Memories .... Denis Lebrun, The Man Who Never Existed .... The Aftermath

Hello, everyone. The roller coaster winter weather in Florida has played hell with my already precarious health, and it took everything I had to get the few columns up that are here now. Besides still fighting an ongoing nasty chest infection, I've now got the sore throat from hell, making it very difficult to speak -- so if phone calls are not being answered or returned, that's what it's about. Please rely more heavily on emails than usual to contact me over the next few days.

I apologize that, due to the above situation, both my coverage of the Josh Sullivan Art Show and my reunion with ex-Blade vocalist Doug Deal, both scheduled for this issue, are being postponed until next week's PCR. There are many fan letters that came in late that are also going into next week's issue.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. The warmer weather we're now having, plus a couple days off should improve my situation considerably.

--- Nolan B. Canova

Letters to the Editor

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