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PCR #302  (Vol. 7, No. 1)  This edition is for the week of January 1--8, 2006.

Book Review: Sunshine Skies: Historic Commuter Airlines of Florida and Georgia....PhyMed Partners, Inc.: From the Criminal to the Civil  by William Moriaty
"The Producers"  by Mike Smith
Is Tampa's Film Community Obsessed with B-Movies?  by Mark Terry
A Shot In The Dark  by Mike "Deadguy" Scott
2005 – A Year to Forget?...Looking Ahead....Can't Believe What We Read?  Brandon Jones
Bush Is Great!!!...King Kong DVD....The Return of Dick Clark....Masters of Horror Update  by Matt Drinnenberg
Happy New Year....Passing On....Miscommunication....Kansas City Film Critics Circle Awards....My Favorite Films--Chapter 1: The Buddy Holly Story  by Mike Smith
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2005 – A Year to Forget?

Well, for personal reasons I’d look to put 2005 behind me, but for now some great moments and some pretty bad ones.

“March of the Penguins” – Luc Jacquet may still be trying to further his global warming causes, but his resulting film has succeeded in “…best way to protect the planet is to get people to like it”.

Delightful and moving film, Morgan Freeman was the perfect choice as a the narrator – a big surprise for me and my family.

Green Day – there are still singles coming out of their last album. Weren’t we talking about them last year?

Kanye West – great album, poor judgment. He’s claimed to be “surprised” by the negative response to his comments during the Hurricane relief telethon that “Bush hates black people.” Dude, really bad timing – stick with “Gold Digger.”

E -Commerce – Well, while some still want to disbelieve the strong economy, the Holy Day season raged on. Surprising some is the booming market of internet sales – particularly: Amazon and eBay,

Iraqi Elections – The third time, yes I want to say it again, third time, was even more grand as millions and millions are participating in the democratic processes and rebuilding in Iraq.

2005 Movies so bad, I wouldn’t watch it if you loaned it to me: “Miss Congeniality 2”, “Son of the Mask”, “Mindhunters”, “Rebound”, “Deuce Bigalow 2”, “Transporter 2”, and “Zathura.”

Looking ahead...

2006 Elections: When the Presidential elections are not on the line, the turnout is pathetic at best. Every single one of these Congressmen needs to be removed – they have accomplished nothing. Every single topic is a party debate rather than a debate of issues. Every single bill is being back loaded with junk “to get it through” because it won’t stand on its own merit.

Dick Clark: It was great to see him on New Year’s as 2006 will mark the 50th anniversary of his first appearance on American Bandstand. Hang in there, we’ll all praying for you.

January 28: Okay, just a little early, but in 1986 one of the biggest tragedies of my lifetime occurred when the space shuttle Challenger exploded.

Daniel Craig: The next Timothy Dalton or Pierce Brosnan? Yep, James Bond returns with a new face. Success or bomb – we’ll know in 2006.

Rakuween Returns: We’ll have to wait and see…

Can't Believe What We Read?

The terrible tragic deaths of the West Virginian coal miners is being trumped by resounding error in reports that there were eleven survivors not eleven dead. Word spread quickly when they were found and the headlines followed suit – all to be wrong. I heard a radio host comment that “…even the New York Times was wrong.” Uh okay, I guess the print media is still considered gospel, particularly since they bury their corrections on page 13 or under the obituaries.

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