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PCR #310  (Vol. 7, No. 9)  This edition is for the week of February 27--March 5, 2006.

The Tampa Bay Watershed and It's Importance To You -- Part One....President Bush Proposes Selling Off Portions of the Ocala State National Forest  by William Moriaty
"16 Blocks"  by Mike Smith
It Begins Again  by Mark Terry
MegaCon 2006: Redux....Carpe Diem....Pessimism is Killing You....Arrogance is Killing Me....Slushpile of Comments  by Brandon Jones
Great Work....What A Sad Week....And One More....A Sticky Problem....Now This Is Truly Karma....My Favorite Films -- Chapter 9: "The Exorcist"  by Mike Smith
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Splash Page

MegaCon 2006: Redux

It can be hard to focus on the positives after enduring a huge crowd, a disappointing crop of celebs and an average selection of fanboy booty. A great experience none the less as I was able to include my two sons: Jacob and Zach (both nine.)

From the point of entry they were ecstatic about the Star Wars contest and the fanboy fevor. Adopting the new line of Star Wars miniatures as their current passion, my head was spinning after just a short hour or so. Did it cause an undo frenzy at lunchtime, sure, but I’d do it again to fuel their fanboy lust.

I could discuss a late start but it’s easier to recognize the long line for PCR friendly Ethan Van Sciver, who is still riding the fervor from his artwork on “Green Lantern: Rebirth.”

We had a great reunion of sorts with the likes of Ed Tucker and company as well as Lisa Zubek and her family. What was with the same crappy waiter from a year ago? He reminded us about thirty times that we could only have four checks, so figure it out people. While it’s not rocket science, it’s like kryptonite to fanboys, when trying to get an organized gathering.

All in all it was a great time and the boys are already talking about the Tampa Con in May.

That reminds me to mention how wonderful it was to run into Tim Gordon, who is recovering not only from physical illness but also difficult times at home.

Tim, best wishes and I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Carpe Diem

Jason McElwain is the lead story this week with a feel good story that Hollywood could only dream of. The autistic McElwain is the team manager but was asked to dress for senior night. The 17-year-old went into the game and in just four minutes, scored six three-pointers en route to twenty points.

He left the game atop the shoulders of his teammates and headed straight to the hearts of Americans.

Pessimism is killing you

I sure it’ll be refuted but a study from the Netherlands shows that general positive expectations can lower the risk of cardiovascular mortality by 55%. The study is fascinating as it started in 1985 and half of the dead males died of cardiovascular related symptoms.

I’m not a big fan of studies and surveys, but I know that the medical community attacks good news faster than CBS can make up a poll.

So, the follow up will be that most doctors don’t believe the results etc…of course they were wrong about stem cell research weren’t they?

Arrogance is killing me

Bode Miller on his performance in the Olympics: “I just want to go out and rock, and, man, I rocked here," Miller told the AP. "I'm comfortable with what I accomplished. I came in here to race as hard as I could. I got to party and socialize at the Olympic level."

Okay, maybe arrogance is the wrong word, but please feel free to insert the sound effect of a bong hit to complete his quote. The winner of two silver medals four years ago was the poster-boy of hype and brought home nothing.

Zero for five. Nada. That’s exactly what Bode gave America, nothing.

Unless you there’s a medal for partying as he bagged groupies, a Playmate, denounced rumors that he’d gotten overweight.

Well atleast we paid for him to “party and socialize at the Olympic level”, unfortunately, he forgot why we sent him there to begin with.

Slushpile of comments

James Robinson: the awarding winning comic writer of The Golden Age and Starman returns on Detective. Can’t wait…welcome back.

“Ghost Rider” will ride into February 2007: so much for any hopes of this being decent. February is Hollywood’s graveyard of the crap that they can’t even stand – see “Pink Panther”.

Oscar who? Search way down the list on the box office totals to find an Oscar nominee, especially for Best Picture. Just more proof that the public doesn’t care, Hollywood doesn’t care about the public – a formula for success?

Disagreeing with Mike Smith. On an Oscar note, I couldn’t disagree more with Mike’s assessment and affinity for “Munich.” The detailed scenes planning and executing the assassinations attempts drives the film. The film as some great visual moments, great acting and then stalls in its efforts to not take a stance. The film becomes an awkward mess, stumbling over itself as Spielberg remains neutral. Interesting and entertaining, but hardly the film of the year. I’ll just vote for the pudding eating cowboys on the mountain.

Don Knotts: there isn’t a way to mention all of the ways he touched our lives. From Barney to Mr. Limpit. From Theodore Oglivie to Ralph Furley. From “No Deposit, No Return” to Scooby-Doo cameos to the recent “Chicken Little” he touched my kids.

Is there anyway to appreciate his legacy?

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