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PCR #311  (Vol. 7, No. 10)  This edition is for the week of March 6--12, 2006.

The Tampa Bay Watershed and It's Importance To You -- Part Two....In Other News...  by William Moriaty
"Failure To Launch"  by Mike Smith
The Inspirational Couple....The Last Stand....And the Oscar goes to the IRS?...The Bottom 100  by Brandon Jones
Gasparilla Art Fest/Booty Art Expo....The Heaven and Hell Car  by Vinnie Blesi
Lot Going On....Oscars....24....Live Evil Is In Full Production  by Mark Terry
Another Sad Week....Those Whacky Oscars....Hope He Looks Good In A House Coat....My Favorite Films -- Chapter 10: "Boogie Nights"  by Mike Smith
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The Inspirational Couple

Usually passings are mentioned at the end of our columns but this one is a little special for me. Dana Reeves, the widow of Christopher Reeves (“Superman”) finally conceded in her battle against lung cancer. She championed the Christopher Reeve foundation and lead us further into debate about secondhand smoke. Research is conflicting at best, those who have had bouts with pneumonia, tuberculosis, and respiratory infections appear to be more vulnerable.

More important is a statement that my wife made at Christopher Reeve’s passing: “She is so strong, I really feel for her.”

To elaborate, they appeared to have that selfless, inspired partnership that many of us strive for. “The Notebook” hits the mark in film and the Reeves’ hit the mark in reality.

I feel for the family, friends and the 13-year-old they shared.

The Last Stand

Well, Brett Ratner and Fox are still at it: the “X3” has involved into “X-Men: The Last Stand” as another trailer and pictures hit the web. The Juggernaut bursts through a wall, Angel escapes through a glass window and there’s funeral.

Who cares? The claim is now made that this will be the last X-Men movie made. Since Ratner, how does he put it, “has never done a visual effects movie before”, it’s probably best.

It’s pretty obvious that the Dark Phoenix story will be included. Now we know the “mutant” cure and hearing will drive the story into its “civil war”, so what’s Ratner got to say: “Storm gets to fly.”

And the Oscar goes to the IRS?

Almost a side note that I ran across on IMDB was the tax implications of going to the Oscars. The guests take home a gift bag full of goodies like the $7,000 Victoria’s Secret underwear set, a coupon for Lasik surgery and so much more. All in all, the gift bag is worth approximately $100,000 and you guessed it, the IRS is there to note who will owe $30,000 for taking home their Oscar goodie bag.

The Bottom 100

Oscar worthy, they are not. In fact, there needs to be a special class-action award going to the viewers who have seen the films on IMDB’s Bottom 100. So, who makes the grade from 2005?

“In the Mix” starred Usher and Chazz Palminteri and is described as “punishing.” Usher, the hottest DJ around, saves the Italian princess and well, nevermind…

“In the Mix” – bottom #8
“Son of the Mask” – bottom #11
“The Honeymooners” – bottom #12
“Bloodrayne” – bottom #20
“Alone in the Dark” – bottom #21

On a related note, “Madea’s Family Reunion” is number one at the box office for the second week in row and has dropped to #55 on the IMDB bottom 100.

Movies during this time of the year are just so, what’s the word, oh yeah – punishing.

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