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PCR #313  (Vol. 7, No. 12)  This edition is for the week of March 20--26, 2006.

A City Called "Destiny"....Florida Indie Movies Review: "The Bite"  by William Moriaty
"Inside Man"  by Mike Smith
Live Evil Update....Congrats to Unearthed  by Mark Terry
Moore is no Joke....Suess Birthday....A "Blackification" Day  by Brandon Jones
God Bless....We Are Family....My Favorite Films -- Chapter 12: "Smokey and the Bandit"  by Mike Smith
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Moore is no Joke

Amongst the “V for Vendetta” frenzy you may have read about Alan Moore’s other works, particularly Batman: The Killing Joke. I considered this not only the greatest Joker story ever told, but the greatest stand-alone story (that is, a single issue comic).

It recaps one of the origins of the Joker, as he admits “it’s different everytime” and delivers some of the most shocking moments in DC history. Moore examines human nature as the Joker drives Commissioner Gordon insane. Of course, there is that moment-changing shooting that effects DC’s continuity for decades.

Not just your average comic. Not just your average story.

So, even if Natalie Portman in a school-girl’s outfit doesn’t work for you, don’t dismiss Moore’s other works, particularly this one.

Seuss Birthday

Well, we seldom get to hear about the successes of the public school system, hell I bet you didn’t know there were any. I can speak for the day of activities celebrating Theodor Seuss Geisel’s birthday.

The kids were reading book after book and asking to dress up as their favorite character. Even my older son eagerly abandoned video games for “Sneetches”.

Dr. Seuss is arguably the most influential writer of our time, but is dismissed because he wrote children’s books. Social commentary, moral issues, prejudice, and selfishness all run throughout his dozens of tales.

I hope that we don’t forget his masterful contributions and kudos to the school system for hitting the target.

A “Blackification” Day

While Hollywood angers every fanboy in sight and makes fools of themselves by announcing “Dallas” the movie or re-makes of “Halloween” we find ourselves truly transparent.

Nick Fury is introduced in the Marvel’s Ultimates resembling Samuel L. Jackson. Michael Jackson was no Dorothy in “The Wiz”. How about a Halle Berry “Catwoman”? Okay, maybe not the best ideas in the history of ideas.

Ice Cube as Kotter brings us to the “blackification” of our society or at least the attempts to not sound racist in the opposition to the decision.

Isn’t this where we all should be debating “reverse” discrimination?

Why did I bring this up?

Well, while I hated it as well, Andy Lalino’s “Robot Rap” and werewolf satire caused outrage like a Denmark cartoon. While it’s Nolan’s site and I appreciate the open support for free debate, I believe he gets a pass. A pass because most agree with him – Kotter should not be black!

Skin color does matter. There was outrage that the Rock played Buford Pusser and I’m sure we’ll have “Mexicification” if Salma Hayek plays the “Bionic Woman”.

Take the high road if you like, we have a long way to go to improve the “racist South” as Terence Nuzum once called it.

So with that, queue the letter column.

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