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Nolan's Pop Culture Review, 2007!
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The Tampa Film Review For January áby Nolan Canova, Chris Woods, and Terence Nuzum
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Putzo's Top 10 Worst Moments in Fandom....The Giant Spider Invasion starring Ed Tucker....Goodbye to Yvonne De Carlo áby Andy Lalino
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Nolan's Pop Culture Review
Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our eighth calendar year!
Number 356  (Vol. 8, No. 3). This edition is for the week of January 15--22, 2007.

By Nolan B. Canova

Long-time PCR readers know how much we staffers look forward to the not-too-common, but always enjoyable "Fanboy Summits" we're able to stage every once in a while. Sure, on a smaller scale locally, these are more plentiful (our Hooters Sunday evening gatherings, for example, or after-Doubletree Con late lunches) and always a blast. But to get as many out-of-towners as we can in on this is truly a treat and doesn't happen real often. Nearly all of these special occasions revolve around where and when we can hook up with uber-fan, Creature Feature historian, video and and prop collector, and, of course, PCR special feature writer, ED Tucker, who lives in Jacksonville.

In the past we've been the most successful meeting at large events like MegaCon in Orlando, or, on a smaller scale, on the rare times ED's passing through on business. On this occasion, it was an unusual variation of the latter example.

Simon Lynx leaves his seat to get this shot of the table. Left to right, Chris Woods, Lonnie Dohlen, ED Tucker, Nolan Canova, Terence Nuzum (leaning forward), Will Moriaty.
My turn! From the opposite side, I push back a bit and leave my beloved fish sandwish (foreground) to capture, left to right, Will Moriaty, Terence Nuzum, Simon Lynx, Chris Woods, Lonnie Dohlen, and ED Tucker.
ED's white as a ghost in this overexposed picture taken by Lonnie Dohlen, included because it's the only decent picture of me in the bunch!
The late-arriving Andy Lalino (middle, glasses) takes a seat and dives right into fan business with Will Moriaty and Terence Nuzum (left), while Simon Lynx (right) plans his revenge (haha, just kidding).
ED Tucker, left, presents Andy Lalino with the gift of Creature Feature (the discs Andy is holding).
One of the more colorful characters ED's encountered from fandom's notorious schlock film past is Wisconsin's Bill Rebane, he of 1975's Giant Spider Invasion fame (among many others he's produced or directed). Mr. Rebane had planned on attending 2005's ill-fated NolanCon as a featured guest, and I'll always be grateful for his consideration. He was going to bring some props as well. One of those was a giant prop spider, about 7 feet long, around 3 feet high used in the production of Invasion. (The Volkswagon-covering, ultra-spider, I think, stays at home in Wisconsin!) Long story short, after meeting up with a trusted mediator in Tampa, that spider is now in the possession of one ED Tucker.

So that's what brought ED to Tampa last Saturday. We seized the opportunity to convene an official Fanboy Summit at our traditional Durango Steakhouse at the Best Western Hotel on Westshore Blvd and invited everyone we knew who we thought might be interested to attend at or around 1:00pm for lunch. The Best Western is centrally-located for out-of-town travelers (just off I-4), but it's also traditional and appropriate because it was the planned site of NolanCon and now serves indefinitely as a comfy home base for these sorts of soirés.

William Moriaty and I showed up about 5 minutes late to find Creature Feature Database co-architect Lonnie Dohlen with ED Tucker already in the lobby of the hotel. We all moved immediately into the Durango Steakhouse. Our traditional corner table was occupied, so we moved several tables together and sat down. ED presented me with some cool DVDs he'd burned for me, among which were Creature Feature episodes featuring Dr. Paul Bearer! Thanks, ED. I also got a glance at a copy of Toy Shop Magazine, where ED is a frequent contributor (I can't seem to find any of those in Tampa---anybody know a newsstand that has it?).

Soon we were joined by PCR staffer and music fan/critic/historian/message board hellion Terence Nuzum. Anyone who's waiting for explosive fireworks over that, settle down, Terence and ED made quick peace over whatever unfortunate message board misunderstandings were made in the past and got along pretty well after that. This was indeed a new beginning.

The increasingly tardy Andy Lalino prompted Will to make a call to Chris Woods to get Andy's number to see what the delay was about. Stroke of luck, we caught both Chris and Simon Lynx at the same time. They hadn't eaten yet, so made plans to come over (they had both been invited before, but declined over predicted schedule conflicts---fortunately for us, those dissolved.) Within minutes, Chris and Simon arrived.

The table at this point first seemed to divide evenly between those who wanted to discuss the previous night's Tampa Film Review (and the premiere of The Quiet Place---count Terence, Chris and Simon in on that with occasional input from yours truly) and the more traditional B-movie/Creature Feature/old Florida/remember-when antics of the rest of us (Lonnie, ED, Will, and yours truly). The excitement, ambience and comaraderie of these shindigs is amazing and difficult to describe.

About quarter-to-three, and still no Andy, a motion was made by Mr. Moriaty to move the festivities to The Green Iguana Bar & Lounge further south on Westshore. Just as we were about to pay our bills and leave, an apologetic Andy Lalino arrived (apparently Saturday is garage-sale day and he and the missus ran long). ED presented Andy with some DVDs as they quickly caught up on personal news.

So Andy, Will, ED, and I agreed to meet at The Green Iguana for drinks. Lonnie, Chris, Simon and Terence decided to leave us at that point. BUT BEFORE WE LEFT THE PARKING LOT....GUESS WHAT ED HAD IN HIS TRUCK? See below.

Will and I, ED, and Andy all caravaned over to The Green Iguana. Since I'd already had several marguaritas and was very tired, I decided....er...to get one more marguarita. OK, I'M SICK. In any event, The Green Iguana turned out to be our little Bamboo (as opposed to The Big Bamboo in Orlando, since destroyed). The ultra-Florida, tropical surroundings in the mild weather we were having formed the perfect ambience for a very fulfilling conclusion to our Fan Summit.

ED has opined that this may have been the most successsful Summit yet. Even though there are some pretty heavy contenders for that title, I'd be hard-pressed to argue.
Click on any spider picture below to enlarge. A new browser window will open.
Rear view of the giant spider prop in the back of ED's truck, partially covered by a blue tarp. Closer angle of same. Will Moriaty expressed deep emotion over this exhibition!

One last group shot in front of the Durango before we part ways. Standing in front of the spider-truck are, left to right, Simon Lynx, Chris Woods, Nolan Canova, William Moriaty, ED Tucker, Terence Nuzum, Lonnie Dohlen, and Andy Lalino.

"The First Fanboy Summit of '07 or ED Tucker's Giant Spider Invasion" is ©2007 by Nolan B. Canova.

All contents of Nolan's Pop Culture Review are ę2007 by Nolan B. Canova.

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