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PCR #383  (Vol. 8, No. 30) This edition is for the week of July 23--29, 2007.

"Hairspray"  by Mike Smith
A Tribute to Elizabeth Haslam: Memories of Haslam's Book Store  by Andy Lalino
Allow Me To Introduce Myself...  by Lisa Ciurro
This Week's Issue....Happy Birthday....What About The Shat?...Going To The Hall....Whatever Happened To--? Chapter 25: Joe Pantoliano  by Mike Smith
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FANGRRL by Lisa Ciurro

Allow Me To Introduce Myself...

Who the heck is Lisa Ciurro? Why is she writing a PCR column? What is she going to write about? These are all valid questions and I'll do my best to answer them here.

Let me start off with who I'm NOT. I'm not a filmmaker, actor, book author or screenwriter. I'm not a scholar, professional critic or an expert of any kind. I've never seen Scarface, Let's Scare Jessica To Death, Phantasm or M. I've never read anything by Robert Heinlein, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, or Voltaire. Sometimes I start a book and never finish it. I cover my eyes (but peek through my fingers) during the gory parts of scary movies. I have no idea what kind of camera a particular filmmaker used for a certain movie and I don't really care.

What I am is a pop culture enthusiast, plain and simple. I love to read and to watch movies and TV and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Yes, I read Moby Dick of my own free will a few years ago, but most recently I read a supernatural thriller about a woman who could communicate with dead people. Yes, I frequently watch The History Channel and The Discovery Channel, but I also watch plenty of USA, SpikeTV, E! and VH-1. There are three DVDs stacked next to my TV at home: The Searchers, Rebel Without a Cause and Reno 911! Miami. My tastes don't fit neatly into established categories and I don't understand those who refuse to watch or read anything outside their comfort zones. You can't like it if you don't try it.

This leads into the next question of why I'm writing a weekly column for PCR. The main reason is that I'm bubbling over with enthusiasm for movies, TV and books and writing this column is more socially acceptable than standing on a street corner praising Stargate and John Saul. That, plus Nolan said I could.

I plan to write a lot about books. In addition to the many talented local filmmakers we know and love (and argue with), there are dozens of talented authors in the Tampa Bay area. There are also local authors who aren't quite so talented (just like with local filmmakers), but they deserve acknowledgement as well. To me, writing a book or short story or making a film is an accomplishment in and of itself. I'll review a wide range of genres and authors, with a focus on sci-fi/fantasy/horror fiction by local authors.

I also hope to explore why certain genres of film and fiction seem to draw mostly men. Where are all the women and what can we do to make fans out of them? Is it the "fan boy" mentality? Is it the sexism often found in sci-fi and horror? Is it the techno-babble? Is it genetic? Am I really so odd because I love horror movies? I have no idea but I hope to find out.

I might also write about my favorite TV shows, infamous cult cinema directors, books that have been turned into movies, or the new shade of lipstick I just purchased. Who knows? You'll have to read this column each week to find out. (I promise I was joking about the lipstick thing.)

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