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    PCR #390 (Vol. 8, No. 37) This edition is for the week of September 10--16, 2007.

The Fabulous Architecture of the Tampa Bay Region, Part Four  by Will Moriaty
"The Brave One"  by Mike Smith
Ray Bradbury at 87 .... VHS Grindhouse: The Undying Monster  by Andy Lalino
Goals, Part 1  by Corey Castellano
The Swap by Antony Moore  by Lisa Ciurro
Loose in Las Vegas: Ted Mikels Update  by ED Tucker
Maybe He Can Room With Hinckley .... Just A Coincidence .... Finally .... Passing On  by Mike Smith
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Film Biz 101

Goals, Part 1

What the?! You’re Still Here? Well, then, if you’re going to go for it, have a plan! See, if you’re going to attempt a real film career it is important to have a goal. Don’t misunderstand me, we all set goals but in my experience simply setting a goal is not enough. You must set realistic goals and (this is important) have a realistic plan for attaining those goals.

Setting realistic goals and doing it properly seems to be something that eludes people of every age and all walks of life. It’s not enough to simply say “I wanna work in film” or even to say “I want to be a [Insert Dream Job Here]”. If you’re serious, you need to really know what you’re getting into, and you need a ‘roadmap’, preferably a written one, to guide you and help you on your way.

Knowing what you’re getting into can be as simple as doing a bit of research on the internet or as involved as interning with or shadowing someone who does what you want to do for a living. It’s also important to realize, though, that, until you’re “in the trenches” you’ll probably never get the full picture.

When finally writing your roadmap it’s important to ask yourself, “What is my long term goal?” At this point it’s okay to “Go Big” and decide that you want to be the next Spielberg or Kubrick. It might be a good idea to look at your situation and try to make the goal somewhat realistic but don’t be afraid to aim high.

Next you need to ask yourself “What steps will I need to take to attain this goal?” This is very important. This is where you set some mile markers on your map. Where, after you’ve decided that being the next “Lord ‘Berg” is your ten year goal, you’ll need to set intermediate goals at regular intervals. On a ten year plan, for example, setting small yearly goals that lead to bigger goals at various intervals is a great way to go.

Finally, you need to ask yourself “How can I make it happen.” That’s right I said MAKE it happen. THIS is where the real trick and, honestly, the most work, comes in. For example on your path to “’Berg-hood” you’ll have to do an honest assessment of your current situation and resources and do some serious planning. You’ll need to examine factors such as location, experience, skill set, level of commitment, and contacts. Then you can decide how to get moving on your career path and the real work can begin.

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