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PCR #379  (Vol. 8, No. 26)  This edition is for the week of June 25--July 1, 2007.

The Tampa Premiere of "100 Tears"  by Nolan Canova
"Live Free or Die Hard"  by Mike Smith
My Response to Puff Chrissy's 1987 - The "Big Wrong Turn"  by Andy Lalino
Thoughts on Chris Benoit Days Later  by Mark Terry
Heroclix....Comics Update  by John Lewis
Rest In Peace .... Idiot!... Transformers .... Whatever Happened To--? Chapter 23: Charles Martin Smith  by Mike Smith
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Creature's Corner

Good Evening Everyone:
"Things" which reside in the "Castle" have been stirring the last couple days. I hadn't figured out why but I knew something was afoot (?) (no, not Gorbly... he's usually under foot). There were rumblings from all corners of these hallowed walls, including the catacombs, of something new on the horizon. I called in Doc, Prof, Ting-Ting, Boris and his fellow lizard dudes, and yes, Gorbly to let me in on the mystery but they refused to tell me, saying they knew nothing of any secret new thing. I dismissed them and decided to play their little game. Sooner or later I would find out what new mystery lay out there, waiting to strike like abid of prey on an unsuspecting sparrow. I didn't have to wait for long.

Ye Ole' Delivering Service" (YODS for short) delivered a special package early today. I tore into it and...drum roll please...there was a whole new set of Heroclix to play around with. You remember Heroclix, we talked about it when the game first came out and then on occasion as new expansion sets were released. Well now the expansion takes a new turn as the Marvel Avengers set takes center stage.

The packaging on this set is awesome. There are four different covers to the boxes, all drawn by artist David Finch. The images are dynamic and filled with lots of action and color. The unique thing about this expansion is that all the packaging is embossed making the pictures stand out more and catch the eye. There are four different images to choose from; Giantman and the Wasp, Ultimate Hulk and Iron Man, Spiderman and Moon Knight, and everyone's favorite patriot...Captain America and his 1940's sidekick, Bucky. The boxes look so good you'll want to keep a set.

After admiring the packaging for far too long I decided to rip into this new treasure. After all, it's what's inside that counts...Right?!?!?!? Ask any self-respecting Zombie and they'll tell you; "uuuhhh." (Just don't get too close, they BITE!!!!)

Anyway, I opened the pack and found five figures tucked neatly into a sleeve. Next to them was a set of cards, one for each of the figures. This was a new feature added to the game. The cards have a small piture of the character and a brief description followed by a list of powers (game mechanics) and attributes for quick reference during a game. On the back of many of the cards is a picture of the cover of the comic the character first appeared in.

There are sixty figures in this set. So far I have been able to pull a real cool Abomination and a very neat Ultimate Hulk. I also have Iron Man, Shang-chi, Master of Kung Fu, Giantman (in his original sixties costume, my favorite costume for Mr. Pym), The Scarlet Witch, Luke Cage, Bucky, Molecule Man, Spitfire, and a few others. There are four degrees of rarity to the figures which adds to the excitement when opening a new pack. It makes you want to open more and more packs (yeah that's it baby, open 'em...C'mon you can do it!!!!!). Sorry about the outburst. It's the whole "cardboard crack" thing. You know how it is.

So, go run down to your nearest comic or gaming store and grab some packs before they're all gone. Oh, by the way, when Gorbly and the gang came back, I had opened all but two of the packs. So much fun, so little time.

Comics Update
Okay, enough on the Heroclix, I get the point. Since we're on a comic oriented subject I wanted to let you know about two new comics that hit the shelves this week. First up is "Sheena, Queen Of The Jungle." There was a teazer that came out a couple months back and now the long awaited first issue has arrived. Sheena is by no means a newcomer to the world of comics. Her exploits have been told for years in both pulps and comics (even before Superman and Batman!!!), two television series (one in the fifties, another in 2000) and a full-length movie. Irish McCalla, Gena Lee Nolin, and Tanya Roberts come to mind as the three women who played the part of Sheena.

In this newest edition, published by Devil's Due Press, the story is now being told by scripter Robert Rodi and penciller Matt Merhoff. The concept for the series is from the mind of Steven E. deSouza. The book looks good and I'm looking forward to diving in. The first issue is being released with five different covers. I chose the one by Joe Jusko. The jungle never looked so good...

Anyway, the next looooonnnnnnnngggggg awaited book to arrive is The "Sinestro Corps Special #1," from DC comics. This one looks real good people. It is being brought to us by veteran (and very popular) comics writer Geoff Johns and local artist extraordinaire Ethan Van Sciver. This oversized issue is packed full of story and action. If you like Green Lantern (and who doesn't) you don't want to miss this one.

Well, there you have it, three good reasons to visit your local comics and gaming store this week.

I hope all of you have a great rest of your week and an even greater weekend. C-Ya!!!

The "Creature"  The Creature from Clearwater

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