LETTERS  PCR #355      (January 8--14, 2007)

  • More Kapok Tree Inn memories

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    Dear Nolan,
    [Re: the recent windfall of letters recalling the Kapok Tree restaurant] I was one of the first waiters at KTI in the summer of 1974. Before that they only used waitresses. It was a great place to work. We had 9 dining rooms that we had opened during peak season and umpteen bars. There was usually a wait staff of 100 during the dinner hours.

    I, too, remember the green peas in a cream sauce but not sure how the sauce was made. My favorites were their corn fritters and the breaded shrimp.

    KTI closed its doors many years ago and is now a very large music mall. A number of the dining rooms are used for displaying different type of instruments.

    It was a great place to work. I was there for 4 summers. Many fond memories.

    I hope this is helpful.

    Tom Berlage

    Hello Tom -- Yes, you've been very helpful! Thanks so much for writing. I'm glad you have such fond memories of the Kapok Tree Inn---I am continually surprised at how many letters I get about that fine institution. ---Nolan

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