LETTERS  PCR #359      (February 5--11, 2007)

  • Matt Drinnennberg with a Rondo Award reminder
  • Fan recognizes "The Man Who Hated Laughter" (and ED Tucker's response)
  • Vinnie Blesi on The Top Ten Concerts

    Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.


    Hi Nolan,
    Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you, as well as readers of Crazed Fanboy, know it is once again for the Rondo Awards.

    The Rondos are a celebration of all things crazed fanboy, from horror to sci-fi to fantasy and beyond. And what is great is that it is strictly the fans who vote for the winners.

    Voting has just begun and go to www.rondoaward.com and cast your vote!! Especially if you plan on voting for mastersofhorror.tk, which IS nominated for best website. Did you catch that shameless plug??

    Many thanks to David Colton of USA Today for once again spearheading what is quickly becoming an award of some reknown, with happy and grateful past winners such as Ray Harryhausen, Ray Bradbury and of course Forrest J Ackerman throwing their support behind it.

    Get in on the fun!!!

    Matthew Drinnenberg

    Matthew, good to finally hear from you! And thanks for the Rondo reminder. Don't be a stranger, now, ya heah? --Nolan


    When I was a wee little brat, I barely remember watching a movie that had all the cartoons (and more) that my grandfather used to read me from the paper.

    I've searched, on and off, for years for more information about this movie. I clearly remembered a scene between Blondie and Flash Gordon, but I didn't recall much else.

    Thanks to your article, I've finally found what that damn movie was! It was "The Man Who Hated Laughter".


    Thank you, reader, for letting us know we did you some good! That's what we're here for and we have ED Tucker to thank for "The Man Who Hated Laughter". I'm sure he'll see your letter here. Thanks again for writing. ---Nolan


    I am glad I was able to help the fan who wanted information on "Popeye Meets The Man Who Hated Laughter". I was in the same boat as him for many years and had a hard time convincing anyone that this even existed. Someone could write a whole book on the Saturday Superstar Movie series because it was such an anomaly in the history of Saturday morning television. I knew as soon as I located a print of the film (and believe me it took years) I had to get the information on record.

    - ED -


    [Re: the current Message Board topic "The Best Concerts You've Seen"]

    Vinnie Blesiís Top 10 Concerts:

    U2, Boy tour, some bar on Dale Mabry near Columbus Dr. where Circuit City is now.

    Talking Heads, Remain in Light tour, Curtis Hixon Hall

    Blondie/Rockpile, Parallel Lines tour, Tampa Theatre

    The Police, first tour, Tampa Theatre

    A Flock of Seagulls, first tour, Tampa Theatre

    Dire Straits, Second album tour, Curtis Hixon Hall

    The Cure, Pornography tour, Atlanta Ga., Coca-Cola Amphitheatre

    Peter Murphy, Deep tour, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center. Tom Verlaine (Television) opened with an amazing acoustic set followed by the best Peter Murphy show that I have seen. They actually opened for the Church who had the top 40 hit "Under the Milky Way", but we left after Peter Murphy.

    Psychedelic Furs, Forever Now tour, Bayfront Theatre. The Mirror Moves tour at Jannus Landing was also wonderful as was there reunion show at Jannus Landing in 2005.

    Big Country, First tour, Bayfront Theatre. As far as I know the only local appearance by Big Country.

    Vinnie Blesi

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