LETTERS  PCR #360      (February 12--18, 2007)

  • Andy Lalino on Vinnie Blesi's Top 10 Concerts

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    Hi, Nole,
    I know Iím not tops on Vinnie Blesiís list for looking on the righter side of life, but as a true blue New Waver, Blesi canít be topped and has my utmost respect. His list of [Top 10] concerts from Lettercol #359 is amazing, particularly U2 in Tampa during the ďBoyĒ tour, Big Country at Bayfront, Talking Heads at Curtis Hixon and AFOS/The Cops at Tampa Theater. He should consider himself very lucky that he was able to attend these great shows, being that the original line-ups of most of these bands donít exist anymore, and some members have passed (Stuart Adamson of Big Country). I would have given my left arm to attend some of those shows. Wow.

    Andy Lalino

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