LETTERS  PCR #361      (February 19--25, 2007)

  • Gus Perez on Nolan's review of the Angora trailer

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    Hey, Nolan!
    Gus Perez here. Just wanted to say I'm glad you enjoyed the Angora trailer from the February Tampa Film Review. I didn't mean to leave the intro to the trailer on there, but that was the copy I was using for the TheLot.com competition, where you have to have a 60-second exposition from the director of the movie. Sorry it threw you off.

    Thanks from Michael Bronson and myself for a positive review, I'll keep you posted on how things are going.

    Hope all is well,
    Gustavo Perez.
    Tampa, FL

    Thanks for straightening some of that out, Gus. No, I didn't know you were required to give an introduction to your entry (Chris Woods confirmed this detail), but I sure didn't expect to see ancient clips of Thunder in Paradise added to the opening of the show as well!, I guess this is the part you "didn't mean to leave" at the beginning? Anyway, I understand better the strange way that went (maybe next time review the disc before you show it?), and I hope Mr. Spielberg gets a chance to see Angora -- sans the confusing Hulk Hogan shoutout -- it will be an experience he'll never forget!

    I meant what I said before: the trailer, by itself, is super. Good luck. ---Nolan

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