LETTERS  PCR #363      (March 5--11, 2007)

  • Paul Guzzo on La Floridiana interview
  • Reader remembers the late Fred Lasswell (creator/main artist for Snuffy Smith)

    Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.


    Re: La Floridiana article, "An Interview With Paul Guzzo". Thank you for the kind words. I'm a bit embarassed.

    "No one has done more to put the independent film community in Tampa on the map than Paul and Peter Guzzo. The most outstanding qualities that these two have is their ability to coalesce this quirky and divisive community of actors, writers, producers, artists and directors so seamlessly and flawlessly. Most of this I credit to their outstanding people skills as well as their professional networking abilities."

    Wow ... I wish it were true ... I think I just have the biggest mouth.

    Men like John Matheny who heads the FMPTA do as much as I do, if not more. The recent Gasparilla Fest is a perfect example. Despite the screeners not choosing his film, John volunteered countless hours to the festival. To me, that's a man truly dedicated to film.

    Eric Odum - president of the Gasparilla Fest is a man you must meet. He has not gone to work in one month. Instead, he has been working for free to make sure the Gasparilla Fest got done.

    David Audett - at times he can be frustrating, but the fact that he continues to run the Ybor fest year after year with little money or help is amazing.

    Krista Soroka - without her assistance, the TFR never grows as big as it is. HEr support gives us credence.

    And, of course, Nolan - to me and all the filmmakers in Tampa, Nolan is the man. At the Gasparilla Fest on Sunday, in a truly touching moment, Eric Odum announced Nolan last as he was naming celebrities in the crowd. He named Nolan after men like Wayne Beach and Patrick Galligher and rightfully so.

    The list goes on and on.

    Pete and I just seem to get more exposure ... but we hardly do the most work.

    Thanx for the article, though. My parents loved it! I am honored that you think so highly of us.

    Paul Guzzo
    Tampa, FL


    I think I emailed you a couple of years ago about some pictures I had of [Snuffy Smith creator/artist] Fred Lasswell in the Marines. To refresh your memory, my parents were friends with him at the Leatherneck magazine, when he was doing the Hashmark strip. Anyway, I finally hooked up my scanner and found the pix. Here they are. Enjoy!

    Just for identification, Fred Rhoads did a cartoon strip in the Leatherneck called Gizmo and Eightball. It was right up there with Hashmark for quality. But for some reason Fred Rhoads didn't want to leave the cozy confines of the Marines. He was still doing the same strip, but a much a much tamer and lamer version, when I was in the Corps from 1966 to 1969. I believe Don Pittman was a writer, (photographer?). The reason he's wearing shades, according to my mother, was that he had gotten two black eyes in a bar room brawl with some sailors the night before.

    The incorrigible Fred Lasswell decades ago, still a clown, even in the Marines...

    Below, left to right, Fred Lasswell, Fred Rhoads, and Don Pittman

    Dan Hermann

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