LETTERS  PCR #364      (March 12--18, 2007)

  • Vinnie Blesi on Andy Lalino
  • Reader sends more on Fred Lasswell (creator/main artist for Snuffy Smith)

    Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.


    Re: Lalino's comment on the message board, "What have we done for the genre lately except gripe?"

    Does carrying body parts around in the trunk of your car count?

    Vinnie Blesi

    Vinnie, that's really weird. But thanks for writing! ---Nolan


    This reader sent me some old military photos of Fred Lasswell that appeared in last week's Lettercol. Below is a follow-up regarding Lasswell's work on the magazine "Leatherneck". I wish to express my sincere gratitude to Dan Hermann for going to the trouble to share with us these historical WWII artifacts of a legendary cartoonist/creator-- Nolan

    I just scanned several images from the 1945 Leatherneck of Lasswell's work. I hope they come thru OK. The September cover didn't quite fit on the scanner bed, so it's two pieces not quite pefectly tacked together. I'm not sure what the copyright status of this stuff would be. It might still belong to the Leatherneck. I guess you know what to do. There were a couple of great 2-page cartoon spreads that were just too cumbersome to get on the scnner. Anyhow, enjoy!

    Dan Hermann

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