LETTERS  PCR #366      (March 26--April 1, 2007)

  • Reader inquiry on newest TV version of "The Night Stalker" (And Will Moriaty's response)

    Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.


    I have been searching for a story to the show Night Stalker. I purchased the new re-make, and the show ends abruptly, with no explanation for the mark on the star of the show's wrist, what killed his wife, nothing.

    Man, I hate cliffhangers, especially ones with no promise of ever answering the big questions. Anything you know about this one will be greatly appreciated!

    Tracy [no last name]

    Tracy, I never followed the new version of "The Night Stalker", but I knew fellow PCR writer Will Moriaty did, so I forwarded him your email. This was his response:

    Nolan, I'm as in the dark as the writer and have nothing to add other than I, too, was real flummoxed at the abruptness of how ABC pulled the plug leaving us hanging.

    -- Will

    Mike Smith sent in some sugggestions in this week's Rant

    Sorry we couldn't be of more help, Tracy. If enough fans write ABC, maybe they'll make a "conclusion" episode someday. --- Nolan

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