LETTERS  PCR #367      (April 2--8, 2007)

  • Actor Gus Perez disputes review of "Lector"

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    Just wanted to thank you for mentioning me in the review of Lector. Again, like in the Light of Blood and Angora reviews, there were some incorrect statements made. I was in a total of six minutes of Lector which was a 25-minute film. In the future if you could please get the information correct before printing, I would GREATLY appreciate it. Thanks again!

    Gustavo Perez

    Gus, Re: "Angora" and "Light of Blood", I don't remember what "incorrect" statements you're talking about, but there were no incorrect statements made in our reviews of "Lector", save for the running time (I said it was 20 minutes). The reviews are our opinions. I never count minutes and seconds an actor is onscreen, that's ridiculous. I said you were a background actor in a non-speaking role, and that is correct. For how many minutes and seconds is irrelevant. I did refer to it as a "cameo" as an excuse to bring up your name at all for people who might know you. There were background actors in speaking roles I didn't name at all.

    Terence said it was a "blink-or-you'll-miss-it cameo by Gus Perez" because that's how he remembered it.

    ALL the background actors were in about half the movie -- but the star is Randy Cohlmia, which is correct. If you remember, I had also nominated "Lector" for best film of the night.

    I'm glad you appreciate that we mention your name pretty favorably and often on the website, but I wish you'd get over picking apart how many minutes and seconds are accounted for by reviewers.

    -- Nolan

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