LETTERS  PCR #368      (April 9--15, 2007)

  • Reader needs help with Clearwater landmarks
  • Reader wants to help with Castel Bantuit (and Andy Lalino's response)
  • Reader inquiry about a mailing list
  • Reader found us through John Winter search

    Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.


    I was hoping you could help me with some Clearwater questions. I lived in Clearwater in the early 80's (I was in elementary school then) and while I can find info online about most of the places I remember, there are a few that I can find no reference to. I lived in the Tropic Hills subdivision on 19 just south of Gulf To Bay. I vaguely remember a bar or club at the entrance there that was called the Pink Flamingo and then changed it's name to Talk of the Town??? Do you remember that at all? Then there was this place, I don't remember if it was an ice cream place or a buffet restaurant, it was called John Philip Tuba's Ice Cream in the Park, or something like that. Do you remember that one? Finally, there was a department store (it may have been in Largo) called Cook's. Does that ring any bells? Any info you can provide on these places (including confirming their existence) would be greatly appreciated!

    -Charlie Boyette

    Charlie, hello!
    Thanks so much for writing. I did not visit Clearwater very much in the '80s and, unfortunately, know very little about its local history or geography, sorry to say.

    Even though I don't know much about nut'n, I'm surrounded by experts in just about every field known to man -- I'm putting the word out via this PCR Lettercol and see what we get!

    Hope we can do you some good and thanks again for writing.

    -- Nolan


    My name is Roberto. I am a deaf individual and I am a fan of Halloween and all things Halloween. I live a few blocks from Castel Bantuit and I am interested in working there when it opens its doors. I have worked for several years at Howl-O-Scream in Busch Gardens and I also have related experience with costumes, makeup etc.

    I have stopped by Castel several times, but I have not had a chance to talk to someone yet. I would like to contact Helene Urbin and if you have her phone number or email I would appreciate the help, or pass this email to Ms. Urbin.

    I sent this email to you because I read the article from Andy Lalino and you might have way to contact her.

    Thanks in advance,
    Roberto [no last name]

    Roberto, hello and thanks for writing. I myself do not have any contact information for Ms Urbin, but I forwarded your email to Andy Lalino for review and comment. Below is his response.  ---Nolan

    Hello, Roberto, thanks for writing in regard to Castel Bantuit. I do keep up with the Castel Bantuit saga on a day-to-day basis, and will check with Helene Urbin to see if she's currently seeking employees or volunteers, and will get back with you shortly. You are obviously a very devoted fan of Halloween & horror!

    ---Andy Lalino
    Clearwater, FL


    Neat site, add me to your update list.

    Marcus Kempton

    Hello Marcus, thank you for your support! Welcome aboard. I'm including your brief, but welcome email in this week's Lettercol to address a point that has been brought up before and that is in regards to any Crazed Fanboy mailing lists. There aren't any. I wasn't a big believer in them when I started the site. I've changed my mind about it over the years, but it seems a little late to start now. (The only list I had was used primarily at Christmas.) There isn't an "update" list either, but for reader reference, I'll remind everybody that I work a full-time job (sorry to say) and can only update the website every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Check in on those days and you'll be fine. (The "new" issue always starts Wednesday afternoon.)

    For whatever it's worth, if I ever make my living from this, and updates are much more frequent, I'll jump-start that mailing list!

    But I appreciate your patronage and thanks again for writing! ---Nolan


    Hi Nolan!
    I did a Google on [Channel 8 weatherman] John Winter and found your site!!

    Very nice!

    Thanks !
    Judy Cornett,
    Victim's Advocate

    Judy, Hi there, and thanks! Glad you liked the site and welcome aboard.

    The whole John Winter thing was awful, wasn't it? Such a nice guy, obviously in such pain that we'll never really know.

    He's missed, for sure.

    Thanks again for writing. And keep up your good work. ---Nolan B. Canova

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