LETTERS  PCR #384      (July 30--August 5, 2007)

  • Andy Lalino reader on Haslam's Bookstore (and Andy Lalino responds)
  • Reader enjoys the Dr. Paul Bearer Database

    Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.


    I grew up in St. Petersburg and despite living many different places over the last 20-odd years, I still wish I was there.

    Thanks for your tribute to Elizabeth Haslam and your recollections of Haslam’s bookstore.

    I too have fond memories of that place and always try to visit it when I go back home.

    I just happened to come across the Crazed Fanboy website while searching for info on Webb’s City, but I instantly added it to my bookmarks.

    Best Regards,
    Louis Columbus


    Thanks so much for the e-mail -- glad you liked the Haslam's article. I live in Clearwater now, but make it to Haslam's every so often.

    I am forwarding your e-mail to Nolan Canova, the guy who publishes Crazed Fanboy. I'm sure he'd love to post it on the site.

    -- Andy


    Do you have the clips of the intros of the Creature Feature show where they say, "Good afternoon and welcome to Channel 44's Creature Feature," followed by creepy music and then Dr. PB opens a squeeky door and laughs, "Hello girls and ghouls," and so on and so forth.

    Man I miss Dr. PB. Grew up with his movies got horified, it was great. Those Bigfoot movies from 1972, and the Creature from the Black Lake and the one about the alien prisioners crashing on the planet killing everyone, and the Gargoyles movie with the motorcycles in the desert was a real treat. I survived, but it was great.

    Thanks for the good memories, man.

    Rodney Lyons

    Rodney, thanks for the correspondence and I'm glad you enjoy the website. I'm afraid I have no recordings like the ones you describe. Any VHS tapes I had were eaten by time and the elements years ago, I'm afraid. However, I'm putting your question in this week's Letters to the Editor and see if anyone else can help. Thanks again for writing! Please do check back. ---Nolan

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