LETTERS  PCR #395      (October 15--21, 2007)

  • Reader admires ED Tucker's "20K Ride" Disney article (and ED's response)

    Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.


    Enjoyed your article on the demise of the 20K ride at Walt Disney World. I had not given it much thought until planning a trip with my own kids and discovered the ride no longer existed. As a postscript to your article, I wonder how the undersea ride at Disneyland California received approval to be renovated and technologically upgraded to open this year as a "Finding Nemo" ride while the WDW ride turned into Pooh corner.

    Google Earth shows the former lagoon and show building as just a big vacant lot now. What a waste.

    John McCall

    John, thanks so much for writing (and the photo!) and I appreciate the props, but I cannot take credit for the "20K" article -- that honor belongs to PCR staff writer ED Tucker, who responds below! ---Nolan


    Hi John - ED Tucker here, Nolan was kind enough to forward your e-mail to me. I think it is really sad that 13 years after the 20K ride was shut down, people are still planning vacations to WDW thinking it is still there. I am sure this is exactly what Disney wanted when they did absolutely nothing to publicize its demise or even admit to it for many years. The short answer to your question about why the Submarine Voyages ride was not destroyed when 20K was is "the employees". The shut down of the 20K ride in Orlando was orchestrated by employees of the park who did not want to maintain the ride and hoped that by scrapping it and the maintenance costs they would improve the bottom line of the park and be looked upon more favorably by the parent company. Because the employees at Disneyland did not take this same mercenary stance against the Submarine Voyage ride, Disney had more time to decide what to do with it and not only made the necessary repairs but revamped it into a new but similar ride. Granted it would have been much harder and more expensive to retool the 20K ride into a Finding Nemo one but, let's face it, 20,000 Leagues under the Sea is still going to be a timeless classic long after people forget what Finding Nemo was.

    - ED -

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