LETTERS  PCR #397      (October 29--November 3, 2007)

  • Reader comments on Top 10 Horror Movies
  • Creature Feature winner requests help with lost episode

    Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.


    I know what you were going for as far as the best Horror Movies go, but after viewing "Rendition" I've changed my criteria. This is true horror.

    But, back on topic. I couldn't agree more that Exorcist is THE NUMBER ONE HORROR FILM OF ALL TIME! I saw that as a kid, and was afraid to sleep for months. I didn't want to get in my bed for fear I was going to convulse in wild abandon. I watched more Johnny Carson at that time of my life than ever before in attempts to just stay awake. And to watch something funny before going to sleep so I wouldn't have nightmares. No movie before or since has made such an impact where I actually changed my behavior due to content.

    Eh, but what the hell, I was just a kid. I look at it now and laugh. I think it's just silly. But at that particular time in my youth, YIKES times a thousand!

    Dave (no last name)
    Tampa, FL


    I have a friend who was one of the winners of the invisible woman beauty contests on the Dr. Paul Bearer show. Her birthday is coming up and I was wondering if any of the videos were still in existence and what one would have to do to obtain a copy for a birthday gift. I saw your article and wonder if you could steer me to anyone who could help me out!

    If you would, please respond if you could help or not to my personal email address.

    John Doyle

    John, first, thank you for writing and please forgive the delay in my replying. Halloween swamped me with more work than I anticipated.

    I am running your inquiry in this week's Lettercol. Unfortunately, there are NO officially-produced Creature Feature videos or DVDs in existence outside of what is offered on eBay by private collectors.

    HOWEVER, we are planning on selling a few copies of acquired episodes on Crazed Fanboy very soon. Please check back.

    Meanwhile, we'll see if anyone can help locate your particular episode via the Lettercol.

    Yours in fandom,
    Nolan B. Canova

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