LETTERS  PCR #403      (December 10--16, 2007)

  • Former Tampa Tribune movie critic Greg Tozian on Guzzo's Bob Ross piece
  • Reader quzzies Andy Lalino on Clearwater history
  • Mike Smith replies to reader, re: "The Golden Compass"

    Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.


    I really enjoy what you are doing on the web. You have an excellent variety of information about movies for people. Also enjoyed reading about Bob Ross's new gig, reviewing films online. I was saddened by the Tribune retiring his position. But it sounds like Bob landed on his feet. Because of your thoughtful reporting, I'll be sure to check out his reviews online. Keep up the good work, Paul.

    Greg Tozian
    Former Tampa Tribune film critic
    (1979 - 1985)

    Dear Greg,
    This is Nolan Canova, publisher and editor of the PCR. I am honored and pleased you read our website and took the time to write. I think you're referring to Paul Guzzo's Filmlook column from last September in your email. I will forward it to Paul immediately for review and comment.

    You and I last met around 1984 when you were with the Tampa Trib doing an article on -- believe it or not -- "Mercenaries for hire"! You interviewed me at my job at the Book Nook Newsstand at Britton Plaza. The article with a quote from me appeared in the following Friday's "Part Four" (since renamed "Baylife").

    And I remember when the Trib switched movie critics. Later, I heard you moved overseas.

    I met Bob Ross the first time face-to-face at a critic's screening of "Spaceballs" (whatever year that was) and I ran into him from time to time over the years since. I remember his video store but wasn't a regular visitor as it was not that close to home. At "Spaceballs" he recognized me from the Book Nook.

    Last May, I got to work with Bob directly on his online project, BobRossMovies.com. We talked about upcoming summer movies. The videos were posted on his site and may still be there, I'm not sure.

    Anyway, glad to hear from you, Greg. Thanks for reading the site, best of luck to you in 2008, and do keep in touch. --Nolan


    Hey Greg, thanx for the feedback. Nice to know someone actually reads what I write!

    Question, did you co-author "Fidel's Cuba: A Revolution in Pictures"? If so, ironically enough, I have a copy sitting on the bookshelf right next to my desk at my office. I write for La Gaceta Newspaper as my 9 - 5 job, which you may remember from your years in Tampa as the type of newspaper that requires such a book on its book shelf.

    My brother, Pete, actually produces the Bob Ross website, which is how I've gotten to know Bob. He's just a cool guy who is really enjoying his new life as a website star. No more deadlines, no more writing boring blurbs from press releases, no more answering phones ... he seems to love his new job.

    I'd love to hear what you're up to now. Do you still write?



    Thanks for the update, Paul. Yes, I have written half a dozen books in the past 10 years. The Cuba book is a particular favorite of mine. I spent a year going to Havana. The people are wonderful. I really dug la Gazetta and thought Bob Jerome (a contemporary of mine) was a terrific critic. Heard he is gone. A real loss:.

    Today I am still writing books and music. I also a partner in a digital ad agency. On the way to NYC today. Please say hello to Ross, and keep writing!

    Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile


    Thanks, man; be sure to say Hi to Bob for me.



    Hi There, [Andy],

    I was hoping you could help me with some Clearwater questions.

    I lived in Clearwater in the early 80's (I was in elementary school then) and while I can find info online about most of the places I remember, there are a few that I can find no reference to. I lived in the Tropic Hills subdivision on 19 just south of Gulf To Bay. I vaguely remember a bar or club at the entrance there that was called the Pink Flamingo and then changed its name to Talk of the Town??? Do you remember that at all? Then there was this place, I don't remember if it was an ice cream place or a buffet restaurant, it was called John Philip Tuba's Ice Cream in the Park, or something like that. Do you remember that one? Finally, there was a department store (it may have been in Largo) called Cook's. Does that ring any bells? Any info you can provide on these places (including confirming their existence) would be greatly appreciated!



    Hello - thanks for the e-mail about Clearwater in the '80s. I grew up in St. Petersburg, and am not as familiar about the Clearwater area. Once in a while I'd get up to Clearwater to go to night clubs, restaurants and such during the period, but I'm afraid I don't know of any of the establishments you mentioned.

    What I can do, however, with your blessing is to forward your e-mail to Nolan Canova, who runs the Crazed Fanboy website. The site is great for finding information about the history of the Tampa Bay area, and a reader somewhere out there may have info you're looking for.

    If you'd like, I can forward your e-mail to him, and he can post it on the Crazed Fanboy home page. People are good about writing in and letting others know about area history. Thanks again for the e-mail!

    - Andy Lalino
    "Oddservations" columnist


    Dear Angela,
    Thank you so much for your letter that appeared in PCR #402. It's nice to know that people do use my reviews as a guideline and I hope I haven't disappointed you.

    I haven't read any of the books you mentioned though your passion for them does make me want to head to the library. Without giving too much away, I will say that your assessment of a "sequel" is dead on, as the film ends without resolving, to me, a major character twist.

    Again, thank you for writing and keep on reading!

    Michael A. Smith
    This Week's Movie Review
    Mike's Rant

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