LETTERS  PCR #405      (December 24--31, 2007)

  • Andy Lalino on ED Tucker's "Retrorama" piece (and ED Tucker's reply)

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    Hi, Nole,
    Just a quick thanks to Ed Tucker for spotlighting my request for information about the Creepy Creatures coffin-shaped puzzles from 1975! (Re: Retrorama, PCR #404 -- N) I’ve been looking for a reference to them for many months on eBay and other online sources, but who better than Ed to provide knowledge about this unforgettable toy! I purchased the “Dr. Jeckyll/Mr. Hyde” and Wolfman puzzles back in ’75 at a long-gone Woolco dept. store in St. Petersburg (at long-gone Gateway Mall), and it has since become a fond memory that I wouldn’t mind re-collecting.

    I’d also like to thank Ed for spotlighting Hugo...Man of 1000 Faces in the same edition of Retrorama. I recall Hugo well – it was a much sought-after toy (I had it when I was young). It’s especially fascinating when you consider it was designed by horror hero Alan Ormsby of Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things and Cat People!

    Thanks again for a great issue, Nole.

    Andy Lalino

    Andy, my pleasure, my friend! Happy New Year and keep up the great work in 2008! And now, ED has a little something to say... ---Nolan


    You are most welcome. That is a big part of what Retrorama is here for and I am glad I could help. I have to admit that I envy you for having Hugo. I wanted one pretty bad but never got it. The closest I came was when an older kid up the street was going to give me his. I made the mistake of getting him to show me how it worked with the adhesive. In the process of showing me, he remembered how much fun it was and reniged on his offer! I have seen the Creepy Creatures puzzles turn up on eBay from time to time, but not often. The going rate is only about $10 for a complete one in decent condition but there are a number of websites trying to get $40-$50 for them!

    - ED -

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