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    PCR #379  (Vol. 8, No. 26)  This edition is for the week of June 25--July 1, 2007.

The Tampa Premiere of "100 Tears"  by Nolan Canova
"Live Free or Die Hard"  by Mike Smith
My Response to Puff Chrissy's 1987 - The "Big Wrong Turn"  by Andy Lalino
Thoughts on Chris Benoit Days Later  by Mark Terry
Heroclix....Comics Update  by John Lewis
Rest In Peace .... Idiot!... Transformers .... Whatever Happened To--? Chapter 23: Charles Martin Smith  by Mike Smith
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My Middle Toe Is Longer Than Yours

Thoughts on Chris Benoit Days Later.
This May Be Shocking

A part of life is dying. You have to accept it and move on. However, when someone we love is lost too soon it hurts. Typically people always say good things about the recently deceased unless someone thinks they did something unthinkable before death. Then it just turns into a nill subject.

Thus is the case of the Rabid Wolverine, Chris Benoit. As everyone found out on Tuesday that it appears Chris killed his wife, then son before taking his own life.

On Monday it was listed as tragedy. People were sick in the wrestling community. I personally couldn't sleep. My dad asked me why do I care so much? I mentioned I saw these people in more live shows, in person, and on TV than I have seen my extended family in Ohio over the past 10 years. These entertainers mean a lot to many different people as we let them in our homes (via a TV set) and let them affect us one way or another.

Chris Benoit in my mind should still be regarded as a great wrestler which he will be. His last match on TV vs. Elijah Burke the announcers kept referencing how Benoit is a future Hall of Famer in the WWE. For his accomplishments IN THE RING I feel he deserves this honor.

This world (at times) makes me sick as people are ready to point fingers when something bad happens. The sensationalistic media is pointing to possible "'roid rage." This is an absolute joke.

During my years of college basketball and being around athletes that took steroids I learned how dumb the public is to this subject. I am not saying I agree with taking them, just saying the public doesn't know their facts. At one time Steorids were one of the best drugs in helping AIDS patients.

Let me point out that anything can be abused if used incorrectly or with disregard. This includes Alcohol, Cigarettes and even sugar. I can think of some side effects from eating too much sugar. Examples would be, rotten teeth, acne, weight gain, and possible obesity that could lead to death. However, this doesn't mean I am going to stop eating cake.

In the Benoit situation, people think "'roid rage" could've led to the deaths of his wife and kid. No steroid is strong enough to make someone kill or have the rage to kill. The killing and thought of killing happens in the mind. As evidence proves that Benoit's wife was bound and then killed. His son a few hours later was suffocated. A bible was placed near each body. These are all indications of thought.....NOT RAGE.

I am no doctor either, but pretty much everything in the body can be replaced or worked on....including the heart. One thing that is virtually still untapped is the brain. We don't know what was going on in this guy's mind. We don't know what his back story was in this particular situation so it's bullshit to judge with out totally understanding what was going on in this person's mind.

Although this situation is tough to understand with out knowing the back story, no one wants to see anyone die, especially a kid.

Here maybe the shocking part of the article. My feelings for Benoit are still those of respect. The reason is because what he did for 22+ years for what he was known for which is wrestling. He deserves a Hall of Fame nod.

Sooner or later we will find out if he was a good person or not or maybe he just snapped. At that time it maybe OK to form a opinion on the man, Chris Benoit, as a person outside the ring.

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