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PCR #362. (Vol. 8, No. 9) This edition is for the week of February 26--March 4, 2007.
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MegaConned '07
 by ED Tucker
An Interview With Paul Guzzo  by Will Moriaty
"Wild Hogs"  by Mike Smith
Greetings and Salutations....The Rondos Are Here! The Rondos Are Here!...The Musicality Of It All  by Matt Drinnenberg
And The Oscar Goes To....And The Anti-Oscar Goes To....The Real Deal....Whatever Happened To...? Chapter 9: John Belushi  by Mike Smith
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....from the great white north, where presently it's pretty darn white, as in snow white (no, not the girl).

From my present vantage point I am witnessing only what could be construed as a blizzard. I guess that's what you call snow going up, down, left and right; seemingly ignoring the laws of physics in a way that can only be compared to Bush and his administration ignoring the laws of truth, reality and America.

Yes, it is without question a winter wonderland in the beautiful and enchanting state of Maine, where just last week I stumbled on the tracks of some deer and what I perceive as moose tracks. Bear tracks too, altho I had the pleasure of witnessing him as he crossed the street in front of my oncoming vehicle. I decided this was his home more than mine, and gave him his due chance to skeedattle, which to my pleasure, he did.

Difficult for anyone who isn't here to understand why I felt this was the place for me. But when you see a guy walking down the highway, miles from civilization in any direction, playing tunes on his harmonica in a happy kind of way, well.... you quickly realize you've left the rats in the race behind you. And a big Thank you to God for that.

Want to be sure to mention to all my pop culture brethren that the Rondo awards are back, and in full swing.

Go to www.rondoaward.com and cast your vote for your favorites in classic horror, sci fi, and fantasy, as they pertain to offerings in the year 2006!

Unlike last year, where King Kong virtually swept the awards, most categories to extremely close and could go in many different directions. Be sure you have your voice, and make your vote count. It's one of those rare times in this country where your vote actually does count, so be sure and take advantage while you can.

The awards close at Midnight on March 10th, so no dilly dallying around. Hear me, Nolan???

Naturally I cast my vote and made sure to vote for myself as mastersofhorror.tk is once again nominated for best horror website of the year. Was pumped to learn that I had already received several votes before mine even made it to the judges, which is greatly appreciated. Anyone who really knows me knows that I'm gaga over only a few things, but to those things gaga to the extreme. Horror, Sci Fi, and Fantasy pretty much ball it all up into one big beautiful mass of hysteria. Well, that and music. Speaking of which......

Would like to invite you all to my myspace website, www.myspace.com/matthewjohndrinnenberg where there are pics to peruse (like of me getting eaten by Bruce the shark), as well as some songs from my initial CD Undiscovered. While it took me some time to figure it all out, I think I'm on my way to comprehending everything that is "MySpace". Including adding friends, which along with adding songs has been a severe pain the gluti maximi. I do, however, believe I have it under control.

Have met with some selectmen in my and neighboring towns about performing at festivals and fairs this spring/summer, and am pretty pumped that they asked for a flyer from me, which I was more than happy to supply. Always nice to be greeted so friendly by people who have heard your CD. Especially when playing live hangs in the balance. Keeping those fingers and toes crossed, but at this point believe it to be pretty locked in. Just as my CD is locked in at the local radio station, who is playing cuts off Undiscovered on the air, which is supremely cool.

Currently working on my follow up CD which will hopefully be "in the can" by June.

Livin' the dream, dudes. Livin' the dream.

Till next time....

Be good to yourself, and love thy neighbor.

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