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PCR #363. (Vol. 8, No. 10) This edition is for the week of March 5--11, 2007.
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The Horror and Hotties Film Festival 2007
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"300"  by Mike Smith
Horror & Hotties Film Festival: Aftershock....MegaCon '07  by Andy Lalino
Rondo Countdown....Scooter Me This, Batman....Bitchin' Cold  by Matt Drinnenberg
Scooter....Smooth Criminal....Passing On....Sounds Like?...Whatever Happened To...? Chapter 10: Scatman Crothers  by Mike Smith
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That's right, fandom fans. The Rondo Countdown is creeping steadily toward its conclusion.

Once midnight strikes on March 10th, it will be all over but the crying for those who missed out on one of the more fun, fan friendly, and desired awards in the pop culture industry.

There are alot of categories to vote in, with a plethora of entries, but you certainly don't have to vote in all of them. The important thing is that you get to vote!


As it's early and I don't want to tarnish my day thinking of scumbags, I'll just quickly note that I knew without reservation Bush would not pardon Libby from his scummery in lying to a grand jury.

How did I know this?

While one would assume Bush would do such a thing due to his intolerable crassness toward justice and all that is truthfull and right, I knew Scooter was doomed the moment the jurors started saying they felt sorry for the guy; that he was just a puppet of a grander scheme of scum. And that, after all this time, they would have no problem with him getting pardoned.

Alas, the Bushster remains consistent whilst swimming in his stream of shit. Which is exactly what the false prophet is supposed to do, as he protects his Cheney anti-christ.

All this just makes me long for a real and true opportunity to hear those infamous words "To the Batcave".

Yes, come rescue us, Batman. You are our only hope. Or was that Obi-Wan? I forget.

We have been getting hammered the past few days by temps that only the Abominable himself could love. Heck, I think I actually see him in the meadow across the street! "Yo....BIG A!!!"

Yesterday, for example, we had wind chills dipping to 35 below zero. For those of you in Florida, think of John Carpenter's The Thing and imagine it colder than that. Yikes.

Fortune should smile on us Friday, however, when it is supposed to reach a balmy 30 degrees. This, of course, is after the snow storm we are supposed to have today. But before the weather gods smack us with temps of 47 and 50 this weekend, just so all the ice and snow can melt succinctly into our basements and crawlspaces.

Thankfully I'm lazy and refuse to deal with real issues like that.


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