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PCR #364. (Vol. 8, No. 11) This edition is for the week of March 12--18, 2007.
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Rondo Awards....Brad Delp -- RIP  by Matt Drinnenberg
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Well, the votes poured in with a record fashion with almost 1500 fans of the genre having their say. What an exhaustive exercise this must have been for vote guru David Colton. But being the genre stallward that he is, the votes have been tallied and the official list of Rondo winners for 2006 have been announced.

Taking home some of the top prizes were PAN'S LABYRINTH for movie of the year, the release of Godzilla/Gojira on DVD as, well, best DVD, and The Adams Family First Season as best classic TV DVD offering, which beat out The Munsters!! (sorry Herman). You gotta know that in the great beyond John Astin is loving life right now.

There were several categories which I truly held a big interest in, other than best website which went to Tim Lucas' VIDEO WATCHBLOG, a spinoff blog to his Video Watchdog magazine. Guess I can't bitch too much about that as the site is pretty terrific. A worthy winner in the category to be sure.

Book of the Year was something I was really keen on, as I have a love affair with Basil Gogos, which has been ongoing probably as long as Nolan's love affair with Basil Gogos has been going. Kerry Gammill and J.David Spurlock brought us long suffering fans Famous Monster Movie Art of Basil Gogos this year, and I was really rubbing the rabbit foot that it would take home the bacon, and boy did it ever! Beating out Ray Harryhausen, even, which is no small feat. The book is just a fabulous testament to an inspirational painter and artist, who I'm floored to say was astonished at his win. Really, does this man have no idea what he means to countless thousands???? How great is it that someone so talented could be so humble. Hell, I love the guy even more.

One of the more hallowed categories is Monster Kid Hall of Fame, which pretty much speaks for itself by its category definition. This is one I was really watching as it is specifically a write in category and you really have to get some serious votes to make it in. My vote this year went to Jack Davis. Many of you may know of his work but possibly don't know who the artist is, but he has been a standard in the genre for decades, with his work in Creepy and Famous Monsters to name but a few. Will also mention i am supremely pleased that Frank Frazetta was also voted into the Hall.

Lastly, the Best Fan Event of 2006 went to Forrest J Ackerman for the mere accomplishment of turning 90. Yes, Forry's birthday party was surely the moment a true fan would want to take in. And the votes proved the case.

You can go to www.rondoaward.com to check out all the winners, including Controversy of the Year, which will, in 2007, undoubtedly go to Sam Borowski, who somehow got enough write in votes for Writer of the Year, which is supposed to go to the one writer who furthered the cause of fandom more than any other. To say this was a hijacking is, to this fan, a massive understatement. After learning that this guy told people on his Yahoo group he was nominated for Writer of the Year, even though he knew it was a write in category, and convinced people to vote for him, even though he did, in essense, nothing to deserve it, speaks volumes about him. And it's all negative.

It's just this kind of ridiculous scheister crap that ruins a good thing. To think of the time and effort that is put into this award, only to have someone abuse the system to take an annual honor..an HONOR.. away from writers who have dedicated their lives to the genre..well, just really puts me off in a way that is difficult for even me to understand.

There have been calls at several sites for this man to do the right thing and decline the award, but let's face it; if he's contemptable enough to do this type of thing and, in my eyes, steal an honor he doesnt deserve, then surely he lacks the necessary facultys to decline it. I would certainly be the first to eat these words if, by some miracle, he did the right thing, but I highly doubt it. Especially given the circumstances and the time that has already elapsed giving him more than opportune time to do so. It seems clear that this will easily be Controversy of the Year for Rondo 2006.

Given this state of affairs, it seems obvious to me that the world is not short on scumbags. I hope that everyone who reads this remembers the name Sam Borowski, and treats him with the same type of ambivilance and lack of respect that he has, according to his actions, shown others.

You can go to www.classichorrorfilmboard.com and click on Rondo Awards to follow this unfortunate turn of events.

Lastly, I'll add that you have to be a real loser to connive to be a winner. 'Nuff said.

With a heavy heart I type this portion of my Rail.

It has been determined that his shooting death was, in fact, a suicide. How incredibly sad that someone so talented take their own life. From what I understand, Boston had reunited in 2006 and put together an album that the record companies would not pick up.

Being a musician who put his 'real life' on hold for a couple decades, I can understand to a point how awful it must be to lose your way in life. But for someone who has had such success, to be turned away and shunned by the industry, when that is your entire life... my heart just breaks in two.

Boston's website states that they just lost the nicest guy in rock and roll. If you look at photo's of Brad you can easily see kindness in his eyes. Some would say he is doomed to hell for eternity for taking his life. But I refuse to believe that a benevolent God, like the one I worship, would doom anyone who's mind is mentaly strapped and confused to the point of pain he was feeling. God says that he is there for those who are burdened and heavy laden, thus; I wish you rest in peace, Brad, in the comfort of God's angels.


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