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PCR #365. (Vol. 8, No. 12) This edition is for the week of March 19--25, 2007.
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Munchkin Mall Mayhem!  by Ed Tucker
"TMNT"  by Mike Smith
John Waters Goes to Court  by Andy Lalino
The Shark Is Still Working....The Rondo Controversy Update  by Matt Drinnenberg
Me And The Munchkins....Passing On....Happy Birthday....Words and Music....Whatever Happened To...? Chapter 12: John Savage  by Mike Smith
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Well, Jaws fans, the time has arrived to put your support, and email address, behind the most comprehensive Jaws documentary the world has ever known.

Some friends of mike and I have been working the past several years on the be all, end all of Jaws documentaries. It is called The Shark is Still Working, and encompasses not just the making of the film, but how it has blossomed into an aggressive fan event, with fans; rather, FINactics, across the globe. even getting to the point of an annual meeting of Jaws fans called JawsFest. Even when a JawsFest isn't official, fans still gather annually for what we call (yes, I said "we") NoFest.

Erik, James and Jake have worked tirelessly on this project, and all the surviving principles of the film are involved. Including Roy Scheider (Cheif Brody) who was gracious enough to do the narration of the doc. That, of course, has been a big thrill for all of us.

Please click the following link and sign a petition for UNIVERSAL to get behind this. They are looking into it as we speak, and it looks good at this time. But as we have all learned recently...EVERY VOTE COUNTS!!!!


You can visit the site itself and check out the progression of events as this has moved forward by going to:


I know I can speak for Mike when I say we would greatly appreciate any support you could give this. These guys are the greatest of people and have dedicated the past few years of their lives to this project. Seeing it worked on first hand, I can promise you it will be the cremedelecreme.

Please, sign the petition TODAY!

Dear Readers, it is my great, happy and most unexpected pleasure to announce that Sam Borowski has withdrawn his name from consideration for this year's Rondo Awards Writer of the Year.

As I've stated before, this is the only viable and correct possible conclusion to what can only be described as a Vulcan mind melt of psychotic proportions.

At the CHFB, Sam has tendered a letter stating that he now feels it is only the right thing to do. Most of those in the know felt that time was a couple weeks ago. But regardless of what has transpired and the craziness of it all, I am very pleased he came forward to do the right thing. Honestly, I'm stunned that this has happened, and was sure he would not come forward in a responsible and dignified manner. But he has, and that is something that must be acknowledged and applauded. It surely could not have been easy for him to do, and I'm glad to say that in this respect I sit with fork and knife, ready to eat my words.

Thanks Sam, and I'm sorry this all had to happen, but it's what can be expected in this day and age of immediate information turnaround. I'm glad you had the balls to come forward and do that which was obviously the only right thing to do.

I'm so immensely happy that someone has turned from the dark side of the force.

Congrats to Tim Lucas, Writer and Editor of Video Watchdog magazine, who has spent the past year busting his ass to further the cause of classic horror. You can go to www.classichorrorfilmboard.com and read all about it!

I'm so tickled pink I really don't know what else to say. Except....

Peace! and live long and prosper!

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