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PCR #368. (Vol. 8, No. 15) This edition is for the week of April 9--15, 2007.
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The Sunscreen Film Festival: My Personal Encounter  by Chris Woods
"Perfect Stranger"  by Mike Smith
Horror Director Bob Clark Has Been Taken From Us....Grindhouse Sneak Preview....Johnny Hart's Passing  by Andy Lalino
Don Imus....The Masters of Horror....Congrats, Nol  by Matt Drinnenberg
Black and White....Grindhouse....Passing On....Whatever Happened To..? Chapter 15: James Woods  by Mike Smith
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By now you have heard of the incredibly stupid and insensitive remarks made by Don Imus on his radio show. Directed toward the Rutgers women's basketball team, Imus remarked they looked like "nappy-headed hos"

If not plastered on your TV or Home web page, then on the very front of this issue of PCR, as Nolan refers to this sad state of affairs.

Sad. Not for Imus. But for young black women all over. I say that because his cruel insult was specific to a group of women who are young, athletic, and black. Sure, he said it about Rutgers, but if those same girls were on NC State, or Arizona, or Kentucky, it seems certain the comments would have come at their expense. It's clear to me the fact they are black is what made them, in his eyes, "nappy-headed hos".

Not too sad for Donny boy, who is now in a schitzo damage control mode that, appropriately, is getting him exactly what he deserves. Getting suspended, then dropped, then fired. In a world full of hatred, racism and character fraud that seems to show up on the faces of even the most famous of people, Don Imus is reaping what he sowed when he, in such a carefree manner, uttered those hurtful and damaging remarks.

Brought to mind is the Imus/Stern fued that fueled between the two radio jocks. Stern was the wild child, daring to be daring..and beyond. Imus was the mellow dude who did conventional talk radio. I recall Imus blasting Stern for being something along the lines of vulgar or rude. I'm not saying Stern wasn't/isn't vulgar or rude, just that it's ironic how this all happened, with Imus 'getting his' due to being vulgar and rude.

I wonder what Howard is saying. Do you think he's on top of this??? Hmmmmmm. Yeah, OK. Sure.

My Masters of Horror website has been updated to include a new News section called, fittingly, Latest News! Mentioned there is a new book about Mario Bava that is soon to be released by Video Watchdog creator Tim Lucas. The book is called Mario Bava: All the Colors of the Dark and, at 12 pounds, is sure to the the big kahuna for Bava fans. Check out the new Latest News section for all the details.

Also new updates to the Jack Pierce tribute in the Vault, as well as a new letter to Monster Mail Call.

See you there!

Congrats, buddy, on this fine site of yours getting more well-deserved recognition. Most of us know the way you slave over this site; the dedication and committment you put forth. How wonderful those efforts continue to noticed.

You are a fine editor, sir, and finer man. You deserve all compliments that come your way.


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