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PCR #400. (Vol. 8, No. 47) This edition is for the week of November 19--25, 2007.
Matt's Rail

Holiday Film Preview  by Mike Smith
"No Country For Old Men"  by Mike Smith
Happy #400 & Thanksgrave-ing, VHS Grindhouse  by Andy Lalino
Show Review: Renningers Antique & Collector Extravaganza  by ED Tucker
Happy Thanksgiving....The Big 400....Famous Monsters of Filmland Coming to an End  by Matt Drinnenberg
Age Is Only Relative .... Passing On .... Strike! Strike! Strike! .... How Come I've Known This Since I Was A Kid? .... Happy 400! .... Whatever Happened To--? Chapter 34: Robby Benson  by Mike Smith
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To start off, I want to wish you and yours a very happy and memorable Thanksgiving weekend. This will be my first one without being able to pick up the phone, call my mom, and here about how stuffed she is. Mom, one of the all time great eaters of her day, loved the festive food this day would bring. Here’s hoping you take your family and loved ones in hand, and let them know without question or reservation just how thankful you really are that they are in your life.

Just as I am thankful today for my wife Denise, my brother Mark and his family, my nephew Daniel and his family, my sister Anne, and my lifelong buds Nolan, Corey, Scott, Dave, and Aaron. And of course, the gift of a lifetime friend God granted me with some 30 plus years ago in Mike. Oh yeah, and that punk kid of his, Phillip, who along with Juanita, is surely part of Mike's Thanksgiving.

I love you all, and thank you for making my life more perfect than it would be without you.

Wowzer!!! Issue 400 is quite a testement to the fortitude of the Canova’d one. There were many times early on that I thought he’d pull his hair out over all of this; oh wait…he did. Now we know and understand.

Your wherewithal is unquestioned and unsurpassed my friend. May we all be around to celebrate 500 which is less than 2 years away.

May I also give kudo’s for getting close to the quarter million mark. An astounding feat. More astounding than Frankenstein’s feet, which given his shoes were awfully big.

Ray Ferry has announced via his website that he is concluding publishing Famous Monsters of Filmland when FM hit’s the mark of issue #250, which is 4 issues away. This should take us to sometime this time next year, if the current ‘4 issues a year’ subscription standard applies.

Sure am glad I finally got some FM notoriety when 245 was dedicated to my Horrorhead Fred Masters of Horror moniker. To my knowledge I never got the honor with the Warren version of FM.

As with most things regarding the Ferry driven FM, there is a telling tale of the tape regarding this issue on the FM website, famous monsters.com. To his credit, he has never been shy about verbally, in the written form, conveying his feelings. Evidently someone named Philip Kim is under the impression he now owns the mark, even to the point of the US Trademark and Patent Office acknowledging such. In the past I may have discounted Ferry's version, but so much has happened the past few years I can believe almost anything at this point.

It’s quite difficult to understand how a lot of this can come to pass, but I’d imagine there will eventually be more to come regarding all of this.

Naturally I’ll keep everyone posted as I learn more.

Till next time, take care and God bless,

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