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PCR #401. (Vol. 8, No. 48) This edition is for the week of November 26--December 2, 2007.
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"Enchanted"  by Mike Smith
Robert Sandsmark - R.I.P., DVD Grindhouse: "Rats...Night of Terror"  by Andy Lalino
DVD Review: HELP!  by ED Tucker
Metal Health....Mr. Karloff....House of Dark Shadows to DVD?  by Matt Drinnenberg
I Know They Have Hannauka Songs, I've Heard Them .... Giving Up His Day Job .... Ho Ho Honolulu .... Hogan Knows Best? .... And So This Is Christmas .... Passing On .... Andy's Challenge .... Whatever Happened To--? Chapter 35: Next Week!  by Mike Smith
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Very sorry to hear that Quiet Riot front man Kevin Dubrow has passed. As Nolan states on the home page Quiet Riot was always in the repetoir of Blade. Sometimes we would play Cum on Feel the Noize, but it was pretty much a given that Metal Health would be heard by all.

Kevin's over the top personality and mega sized ego were part of what made him so appealing to me. I remember watching an interview with him, I think it was on MTV before they became corporately commercial, where the interviewer kept asking him about other bands. His reply to every question went along the lines of this:

Interviewer: What do you think of Van Halen?
Dubrow: Van Halen??? They suck, man.
Interviewer: Well how about White Snake?
Dubrow: White Snake??? They suck, man.

It was hilarious, as he did so in such an animated, laughing all the while, way. I'm laughing just thinking about it. That was him, tho. Over the top and in your face. He wasn't my favorite singer by a long shot, but he sure as heck was entertaining.

Again on the home page, Nolan makes mention of famous birthdays. One is for Forry Ackerman, who turned 91 on November 24th. Forry, as you may know, was editor of Jim Warren's Famous Monsters back in the day, as well as the creator of the term 'Sci-Fi'.

One missing is Boris Karloff, who celebrated his birthday on November 22nd. Possibly only the living make the birthday honorarium, but to me his massive body of work and accomplishments on screen keep him alive for eternity.

Happy Birthday to you, Mr. Karloff.

There are ramblings about cyberspace that a due DVD pack containing House of Dark Shadows and Night of Dark Shadows is scheduled for a Halloween of '08 release.

Some are saying that Night of Dark Shadows will be in its entirety, which I don't think ever made it to the US. I've also read that this endeavor has yet to begin. The version we got was rather disjointed due to it being edited to hell and back to fit in a certain time frame.

From what I understand there is a feature film of Dark Shadows in the works. This may not come to us until sometime in 2010, which should make Hal happy, as he'll be able to see it.

Till next time...

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